Schefflera Plant- Schefflera arboricola Facts and Information

Schefflera plants, Schefflera arboricola (Heptapleurum, Brassaia) is a houseplant that has distinctive umbrella shaped foliage. Find facts and information on how to care for schefflera and how to grow healthy houseplants.

"Schefflera Plant"

Schefflera plants have umbrella-like foliage

Schefflera Plant Facts

Scheffleras grow 2-3’ high by 2-3’ wide. They are herbaceous plants with an upright, coarse texture. Schefflera plants are fast growing plants and are popular houseplants. They do well in medium light and average home temperatures of 60-75 degrees, although they are tolerant of high temperatures.

Scheffleras also drop leaves if they get too cold. They also need only average humidity of 30-60%. Make sure that you place them out of the way of drying winds and cold drafts. Keep them out of high-traffic areas because they take up so much room.

Care of Schefflera Plants

Keep the soil evenly moist while the plant is actively growing. You should reduce the amount of moisture in the winter months. The plants will rot if over watered, so make sure the potting mix is well drained. Feed scheffleras only three times in summer with foliage plant food and repot it when the rootball completely fills the pot. These plants are fast growing so if you feed them regularly, you will also need to repot them annually.


Leaf of a Schefflera Plant

*Scheffleras may get leggy, but are easy to contain by cutting back. They will take severe pruning if necessary to get them back to an attractive shape.

Scheffleras tolerate pruning well so you wil be able to shape them to a smaller size. A plant that gets top heavy should be pruned back to a better shape. Remove any wayward branches or faded leaves. If the stems become spindly, move the plant into higher light and cut it back to 12” to produce new growth at ground level. Scheffleras can spend the summer outdoors if they are hardened off before being exposed to the elements. Bring indoors before temperatures drop.

Propagation of Schefflera is done by taking stem cuttings and air layering.

Pests and Diseases consist of mealybugs, scale and spider mites with horticultural oil. Spider mites can be deterred by keeping the plant showered off with water.

Related Species include cultivar ‘Green Gold’ which has golden-flecked leaves. ‘Pittman’s Pride’ has a more compact form.



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