Screen Gazebo – An Overview of Screen Gazebos

A screen gazebo can be the perfect garden feature to add to your landscape. Adding a screened gazebo to your yard and garden area can provide your family with a nice shady place for all types of outdoor activities. This article will give you an overview of some of the many types of screen gazebos that are available. The important factor is to have a waterproof gazebo that will give you protection from the sun and rain, as well as provide a nice screened in area to protect you from insects and pests.

"Screen Gazebo"

Gazebo with a removable screen

A screen gazebo is basically any type of gazebo that has a screened in area surrounding the framework. Screened in gazebos come in many forms, depending on the type of gazebo that you purchase. The screen may be canvas, wire, or any other type of screening material. You may also find these gazebos referred to as a screen canopy or a screened gazebo.

The most popular types of screened gazebos are of the non-permanent types, such as a canopy gazebo or a canvas gazebo. These types of gazebos will usually have side screens that are either zipped into place or have straps that have velcro that will fit easily over the framework to hold them in place.

These gazebos can be easily taken down and placed in other areas of your yard as needed. Many of them can be totally collapsed and are considered portabe because of this capability.

The portable types of gazebos are great for taking on camping trips, picnics, and other types of outdoor activities that may be outdoors in a more secluded area. This type of gazebo usually has a metal frame and a canvas canopy top that is placed over the frame. When the frame is extended, the top will already be on the frame and will rise up as the framework is opened up.

"Pop Up Screen Gazebo"

Pop Up Screen Gazebo

If you are using your gazebo on a windy day, you may want to stake it down on all four corners to prevent it from moving around. They tend to let the wind get underneath the canvas and pull it up from the ground. You could also choose to use heavy sandbags to hold each corner down. Many people have made their own sandbags and cans of cement that are tied to each corner.

Wooden gazebos are a more permanent type of structure that can be build yourself from kits, or can be built by a carpenter right in the place where it will be positioned permanently. This type of gazebo may have a permanent screen built into the framework to keep out annoying insects and pests. This type of gazebo is more expensive since it is made of wood. You can place some type of flooring in your gazebo if that is the style you like, or you can just build the framework and top how you like it. There are many types of roofing options for your gazebo also.

"Wooden Gazebo with Screen"

Gazebos made of metal such as a wrought iron gazebo, or one made of cast iron are also available for homeowners to purchase. This type is also a more permanent style because of the weight of the structure. A metal gazebo can withstand the elements better than the other types and will last for a long time. It can be touched up with paint if needed to make it good as new again.

The sizes of gazebos will range from 8x8’, 10 x10’,12x12’, and some 10x20’. You can also buy replacement canopy tops for the ones that are made of canvas, as well as other accessories.

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