Sedum- Easy Plants to Grow

Sedum varieties are the easiest plant to grow in your garden as they need no extra care. If you have hot weather and want to find something to plant that will tolerate hot conditions, then sedum, such as Autumn Joy, is just what you need for your garden. They add beautiful fall color to your yard or garden.

Sedum Facts and Information

Sedums are perennials and will thrive with little or no care at all. They have often been referred to as “frog belly”, “stonecrop”, or “live forever”. The upright varieties can withstand many trials and tribulations that Mother Nature, puts them through. There are also long-lived varieties, unlike some perennials that have shorter life spans. Sedum plants attract butterflies as well as bees at times. Be sure you have no insects on them if you cut them and bring indoors.

"Sedums attract Butterflies"

Sedum attracts Butterflies

Upright sedums can grow in many locations and can tolerate a variety of conditions. They perform best when planted in an area that gets at least half a day of sun or more. They like well-drained soil. (The soil doesn’t even have to be great soil.) don’t plant then in a low spot especially if it stays wet long or doesn’t drain well. They require no trimming, no deadheading, and no pinching. Very little if any water is needed either, once established.

Each spring remove the previous year’s dead stems. That’s all! This is a great plant that makes our gardens and landscape look good and makes us feel good, without much effort!

All of these varieties, that will follow, grow in nice little mounds with large bloom clusters across the top. Bloom time is mainly from August to September, which is nice since not a lot of things are blooming at that time.

Sedum Varieties

Here is a list of hardy, low maintenance, durable, and easy to grow sedums.

"Pink Bomb Sedum"

Pink Bomb sedum

‘Pink Bomb’- this has beautiful pink flower clusters on medium green leaves on this dwarf variety. It grows to 10”-15”. It is a great choice for smaller spots in the garden. It is also a good cut flower. The blooms will turn bronzish-brown in late fall.

‘Mr. Goodbud’- this has a deep blue-green thick serrated leaves with purplish-pink clusters held up by purplish-red strong stems. Blooms turn bronzish-brown in late fall like most other varieties. This is also a good cut flower.

‘Autumn Joy’ is a popular variety that has been around a long time. Autumn Joy sedum has thick gray-green leaves with pink flower heads that turn a rusty bronze in late fall. It grows to 18”-24” tall, and is a good cut flower.

‘T. Rex’ is also new and is a striking variety with very ridged strong upright stems that easily support the large panicles of

"T Rex Sedum"

T Rex Sedum

rose-pink flowers in late summer to early fall. The thick stiff cupped shaped leaves are medium to dark green and are heavily serrated to look like the jaws of a T Rex dinosaur. New cool variety! It grows to 24” to 28” tall, and is a good cut flower. The blooms fade to a bronzish-tan for winter interest.

‘Autumn Fire’ grows to 18”-24”and has thick medium green leaves with rosy-pink bloom clusters that turn bronzish to tannish brown in late fall. It is an improvement over ‘Autumn Joy’ because it has stronger stems and better flower color. It also is a good cut flower.

‘Purple Emperor’ is a stunning variety that has dusky purple to near black leave in full sun. It grows 14” to 18” tall. These flowers start out a dusky pink then turn to bronzish-tan in late fall. This variety has a more loose growing habit, but also make a good cut flower.

‘Hab Gray’ is a new variety that forms an arching mound of glaucous gray-green thick leaves with clusters of creamy yellow flowers in late summer thru early fall. Flowers turn bronzish-tan in late fall. It is a good cut flower and grows from 12” to 20” tall.

neon sedum

Neon Sedum

‘Neon’ is a very strong stemmed variety, reaching 20” to 28”, with medium green thick leaves that are topped with glowing hot pink flower clusters in late summer. They turn a bronzish-tan in fall. It is a very stunning variety.

You can't go wrong with planting sedums as they will give you green foliage in the summer and beautiful colors flowers that turn from one shade to another in the fall. More fall color ideas can be found at

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