Shrubs With Berries- The Best Shrubs with Berries and Fruit

Shrubs with berries and fruit add color to your fall landscape. The berries and fruit on shrubs are also eaten by birds, and thus serves a dual purpose. Although flowering plants usually produces some form of seed, many of which are inside attractive casings of fruit or berries. You will find a list of shrubs with berries, and interesting facts, information, and tips on choosing the best shrubs.

"Shrubs with Berries"


Two of the oldest fruiting shrubs to be appreciated are the holly  and the mistletoe. The appeal of fruit, either as berries, seed pods or even fluffy heads, often enhances the appearance of a shrub, especially if the fruit is brightly colored. Fruit bushes, such as gooseberries and red currants, can be made into a fan-shaped espalier or grown as standards.

Many shrubs have been specially bred to increase their range of colors as well. The firethorn (pyracantha) can now be found with red, orange, or yellow berries, for example.

Berries and fruit are not only attractive to gardeners, but to birds and other animals, so if you want to keep the berries buy a shrub like skimmia which will not be eaten by birds.

"Viburnum Shrub with Berries"

Viburnum with berries

One thing to bear in mind with berrying shrubs is that the male and female flowers may be on separate plants (skimmias and hollies, for example). Although they will both flower, only the female will bear fruit. So if you want fruit or berries, make sure you buy a male and a female.

Tips to Consider:

  1. When buying holly, ensure that you buy a berry-bearing form as not all varieties will have them.
  2. Skimmias are good plants and the birds do not like the glossy berries, so they remain for a longer time.
  3. Cotoneasters produce a brilliant display of berries, although birds are not real fond of these berries. They are usually the last ones eaten.

List of Shrubs with Berries


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