Snowblower Attachment-John Deere 44 inch and 47 inch

Snowblower attachments measuring 44 inches, 47 inches, and 54 inches for John Deere snowblower models are provided to give you facts and information on each type of snowblower attachment. I have also included information on the Frontier SB11 Series snowblower and the commercial Frontier SB13 Series snowblower . If you do not already have a mower and are interested in a John Deere Snowblower, you can also check them out to see if that would be a better buy.

The 44 inch snowblower attachment-100 series fits a LA145 riding mower. This is the recommended attachment for that model.

If you are looking for a snowblower attachment for your John Deere then the 100 series 44 inch snowblower attachment will do the job. This article will give you valuable facts and information on the specifications of this attachment.

The 100 series snowblower attachment will remove snow any just about all snow conditions. It clears a path 44 inches wide and and measures 43.25 inches. When it comes to heavy, wet snow, this attachment will produce better results than any single stage snow thrower.

44 inch Snowblower Attachment

Features a replaceable scraper edge, and a lift system with a manual handle. The height of the snow blower cutting edge is controlled by skid shoes.

The spout direction is adjustable up to 200 degrees. The spout direction and deflector angle is controlled on the operator station. The spout diameter is 6 inches and and features a manual remote handle for controlling the spout rotation.

The auger has a 12 inch diameter. There is an optional drift knife for both sides of the housing unit.

The discharge spout and deflector are made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene that will not dent or rust and will resist snow build-up to ensure that operations are trouble free.

The fan material uses the same materials as other snowmobile rollers that make them sturdy enough to not get out of balance.

*Recommended that you have rear ballast: You may need added traction and can provide this by adding two 42 lb. Quick-Tatch weights. It is also recommend that you use tire chains for better traction when needed.

Price range:$1399.00 US

The 47 inch snowblower attachment is compatible with other utility tractors models: John Deere 2305 4WD-24hp, John Deere 2320 compact utility tractor, John Deere 2520 4WD-26.5 hp, and John Deere 2720 4WD-31.4 hp.

47 inch snowblower attachment

The 47 inch snowblower attachment is designed with a dual stage with auger and features a high speed blower for efficient snow removal. It has hydraulic chute angling with a rotating chute of 190 degrees which allows for 90 degrees in each direction.

It also features the Quick-Tatch design with drive-in mountings that will allow you to attach them off and on very easily. For cutting through large snow banks, it has optional drift knives available.

John Deere also carries many front blades that are easily attached to specific models so be sure to check them out also. They can be used when you need to push snow to one side, which works a little differently from the snowblower attachment.

John Deere 54” snowblower (2000 series)

54" Snowblower Attachment

54 inch snowblower has an opening of 20 inches and has a dual stage design with an auger measuring

16 inches in diameter. This model has the Quik-Tatch design with easy off and on drive-in mounting. It has a high speed blower that quickly removes snow. It has a 200 degree rotation that will move 100 degrees to either side. The hydraulic chute angles makes snow removal more efficient.

*Drift knives do not come standard on this model but is available for purchase.

Snowblower attachments can also be purchase for other snowblower models for larger snow removal jobs: John Deere 59” snowblower (3000 series)

Frontier Equipment featuring Frontier SB11 Series Snow Blower

This series of snowblowers offers several models. The first 2 numbers are the series it belongs in and the last two numbers reflect the width of the snowblower.

Frontier models SB1148- 48 inch, SB1154-54”,SB1164-64”,SB1174-74”, and SB1184-84”.

This rugged piece of equipment will give you all of the power you need for snow removal jobs. The hitch-mounted snow blowers work with 16 to 90 PTO-hp tractors that are equipped with a PTO. The widths of snowblowers for this model range from 48 to 84 inches.

The SB11 series has adjustable steel skid shoe, and four impeller blades. It features either manual or hydraulic chute rotation, which allows you to direct the snow where you want it, as well as a manual chute deflector adjustment. Optional hydraulic-cylinder chute deflectors are available as an optional features on SB.

Multiple hitch capabilities are available with the SB11 Series, which  are Category 1 compatible and model SB1184 is Category 1 and 2 compatible. All SB11 Series Snow Blowers are iMatch compatible.

Frontier SB13 Series Snowblowers

Features Frontier models SB1308, SB1309, SB1388 and SB1392. These are commercial snow blowers for larger jobs.

This model features adjustable skid shoes for durability, from 5 to 6 impeller blades. For heavier snow removal jobs, some of these models have an option of purchasing dual augers. They are also equipped with hydraulic chute rotation and hydraulic drum rotation as well. This is a great feature as it will allow you to control the direction of the snow either to the side or up through the chute.

The SB13 Series, Quik-Coupler compatible, comes with a category 2, 3 point hitch, while the SB1308, SB1308R, and SB1309R are category 2 and 3 compatible.

Snowblower Attachment Availability

This is a list of types of brands that you can find attachments for: John deere snowblower attachment, snowblower attachment for a riding mower, tractor snowblower attachment, atv snowblower attachment, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Bobcat, Kubota, Murray, Cub Cadet, MTD, and Simplicity. *This is only a partial list of the most popular brands.

A snowblower will certainly get the job done. Make sure you know which one would be the best choice for the job you want it to do.

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