Snowblower: How to Find the Right One

A snowblower is a much needed piece of equipment if you live in parts of the country that gets a good snowfall each year. There are many things that you will need to think about before making your purchase of a new or used snowblower. Here are some questions to consider:

1.What specific requirements do you have for a snowblower?

2.How wide a path of snow will it need to pick up?

3.What type of snowblower do you want?

4.What added features do you want?

A snowblower There are many types of snowblowers as well as companies that sell them. Here is an overview of Snowblowers.

Types of Snowblowers
1. Two Stage Gas snowblower- This snowblower will work well if you have a wide or long driveway, or one with an inclined plane as with a hilly landscape. This one is adapted to remove snowfalls of over 8 inches. The two stage blower features an electric start with driven wheels, an impeller to throw the snow and an auger to gather up the snow. It spans a width of about 28 to 30 inches. It does well in gravel driveways because the auger remains above the gravel level.
These mowers are heavy and usually requires regular engine maintenance. Many uses have complained that it can be hard to maneuver if it doesn’t have a trigger drive. So it is advised to get the trigger drive to avoid this.
2. Single Stage Gas blower- This snowblower is designed to be used for mid-sized, flat paved driveways and walks, with snowfall levels of less than 8 inches. Most of them are available with electric starters. This one is much lighter and easier to maneuver around than the two stage gas snowblower. They, however, do not do well on gravel at all. The single stage blower only covers a 20 to 22 inch wide area. Another drawback for this type is that it doesn’t go uphill very easily.
3.Single-stage electric- This snowblower is great for any driveways that are flat and are not too long. The snowfall on this model is for under 4 inches of snow. However, the width of this model is from 11 to 18 inches.
Snowblowers will vary in price according to the type of blower. The electric models have some inexpensive brands that can cost less than $100.00 to heavier models for several thousands of dollars. You will get extra features with the more expensive brands such as greater horsepower, handwarmers, headlights and knowing that they are more heavy duty than the lighter weight and less expensive ones.
Be sure to check with the company you buy your snowblower from to get the information on the warranty and any type of guarantees that they offer. Most warranties are anywhere from one to three years.

Brands of Mowers
You will find many quality snowblowers on the market. Here are some of the most popular brands:
John Deere snowblower, Husqvarna snowblower, Simplicity snowblower, Gilson snowblower, Murray snowblower,  Toro snowblower, as well as well known names of Ariens, Snapper, Yard Machines, and Craftsman.

You can also purchase snowblower parts, as well as snowblower attachments. Occasionally, you will find a snowblower sale going on, or used snowblowers that are in good condition. Many times people are moving to different areas of the country where a snowblower will not be needed and are eager to get rid of their snowblower very quickly. So, be sure to check for any good buys that are periodically found. You may also find tractor snowblowers as well as an atv snowblower that will also work well to remove snowfall.

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