Specific Parts and Features to Look for in a Snowblower

There are some specific parts and features that you should look for in a snowblower. It doesn't matter if you are visually looking at it, or if you are only reading the specifications on a particular model, knowing what to look for will help you know if it is a quality piece of equipment.

Here is a list of some parts, features, and tips that you should check out before you decide on a specific snowblower.

You will find that many models and brands of snowblowers or snowblower attachments will look alike and may even have the same specs and power. They are different in respects, to the quality and the sturdiness of each part that makes up the snowblower. I highly recommend that you look at all features that are available on different brands of snowblowers to see what features you would like to have, and then take into consideration some of the snowblower buying tips and information I have provided in this article to help you make a wise decision. I also have articles on specific snowblowers or snowblower attachments that may be helpful as well.

  • Check the chute and see what it is made of. Is it metal or a type of plastic? If it is metal, its is going to last longer and not break as easily as a plastic part.
  • The auger gear box is another example of something very important to check on. Find out if the auger gear box is made of aluminum or cast iron. You will find some of both kinds that are on various brands.
  • Also check on the connection that goes between the remote control and the chute to see if it is also metal. You will want a metal one, if possible.
  • Check on the engine. Is it OHV or an L-Head? Some people prefer the OHV, but that will be something that is more of a preference.
  • If you have a choice of a block heater or just an electric start mechanism, the block heater would most likely be better. The electric start does come in handy at times and many people may prefer the electric start since it is a fairly common feature on some brands.
  • If you clear a lot of driveways or walkways, you may note that the bearings on some of the more expensive and higher end machines are of better quality.
  • Having a true differential is certainly better, if you can get one with this. However, a locking and unlocking, on one or both wheels, and trigger control is very nice too.

Anatomy of a Snowblower

*Important Tips

1. Make sure you don’t get a snowblower that is too big for what you need it to do. The maneuverability of the machine is something not to be taken lightly. This is especially true for smaller width driveways and tighter places where it is not easy to make turns easily.

2. You should also consider where you will be storing your snow equipment when not in use. Sometimes a smaller machine might work out better on both accounts for you.

3. Although most people look at the width of snow that a snowblower clears, it is really not a lot of difference in a few inches. Models also vary in price according to the width of the snow that it clears.

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