Starting Seeds Indoors

Seeds can be sown indoors easily with the proper equipment. If you have a potting bench, this will help you a great deal. Bench potting is the way to go. When it is time to plant my seeds, I have all my materials available in my potting bench to do my tasks of planting quickly and not having to deal with the mess of spilling soil. I work at my potting bench out on my deck and then bring the pots into my heated garage to grow. I absolutely could not work without my potting bench. A seed potting table is so convenient to have on hand.

Use a Potting Bench to start your indoor seedlings

Now, lets move on to our seeds.

To germinate seeds successfully, tender plants such as some vegetables and bedding plants, need a steady temperature of 64 to 68 degrees. To provide warmth, cocoon seeds in an electric propagator. The plastic tray has a built-in heating element to provide gentle heat from below and a transparent top to keep the atmosphere moist. Plant propagators comes in various sizes. They can be  heating or non-heated. The non-heated type has a cover to keep in humidity and let in light.  I would choose a heated one with a built-in thermostat so it will turn itself on off if it gets too hot.

To grow seeds without a propagator, use clear plastic bags over pots and trays to keep t he humidity high. To sew just a few seeds, use 3 inch diameter pots. Seed trays, or half trays will hold more seed than small pots. The drawback is that seedling roots may get tangled. If you have purchase plants from a store that has this type of trays, you may have experienced the difficulty of trying to get a couple of trays loose. You should try to keep the roots separate by using plastic plug trays that are divided into compartments. Use a good quality soil mix that has been recently purchased. This can be either type of mix that you prefer, or just a general multipurpose mix.

When seeds require light to germinate, sprinkle a fine grade of vermiculite over them. This will absorb moisture and allow light in. When plants are mature, plant them next to your picnic bench table or deck for lasting enjoyment.

Example of a Propagator

Helpful Hints

To prevent seeds and seedlings from rotting or getting infected with fungal diseases, use a good quality soil mix that has been purchased within the last year and stored under cover. All pots and propagators should be washed with hot soapy water and rinsed well before using again.

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