Storage Benches for Bedrooms

Storage benches for bedrooms and bedroom benches with storage spaces are both in great demand. Storage benches are great pieces to add to your bedroom because they offer a place to sit down and put on your clothes, as well as providing a storage area for your personal items. It is always important to find the right bench that you are looking for to put in a specific room of your home.

"Storage Benches for Bedrooms"

Storage Benches for Bedrooms- Black Upholstered

A storage bench allows you have more room to walk around and not have items lurking around on the floor as many kids do. They can also add to the overall look of your room. A storage bench made of a nicely finished wood, whether stained or a bench white in color, is very attractive. You may also want to consider have a padded or upholstered storage bench that will match the design and colors in the bedroom.

Benches with storage space can be placed anywhere in your bedroom that you have room. Most benches are placed at the foot of the bed, but this will depend on how your bed is arranged in your room. You will need to have a space open at the end of the bed so that the storage bench can be easily accessed and will open easily.

Size Your Bedroom Storage Bench Appropriately

The size of the bench will again depend on the size of the bedroom. Don’t get one that will overpower the size of the existing furniture in the room. Most bedroom benches come in a standard size that is about 4 ft. long. Make sure you don’t get a storage bench that is too small. This may tend to look like a small toy box.

"Bedroom Benches for

Bedroom benches with storage for shoes

Your best option is to measure the area that you think you will want to place your bench before you go out looking for a storage bench for your bedroom. If you are placing your bench somewhere other than at the foot of your bed, make sure that the height is correct also. For instance, if you are placing your bedroom bench under a window sill, you want it to fit under the sill so that it doesn’t stick out against the wooden sill.

Will Your Bedroom Storage Bench Match?

Make sure that the bench will go with your existing furniture and decor so that it will not look out of place. If you have white furniture in a room, then placing a stained, wood bench would be out of place. You should consider a bench white and clean to match the other furniture. The same goes for different types of wood furniture, such as distinctive cherry, walnut and mahogany. Anything other than the same type of wood would be out of place, as would any style of bench such as rustic or pine in a setting of nicely finished wood.

"Storage Bench for Bedrooms with Wicker Drawers"

Two pull-out Wicker Drawers for Storage

Bedroom storage benches come in styles that open on top, and ones that have cabinets or shelves that are accessible from the front. The type and style will depend on how and what you intend to storage in your bench. You can get storage benches that have shelves, racks, cabinets and places for baskets to slide in and out.

Kids Storage Benches Made for Children’s Bedrooms

If there is one area that accumulates the most clutter, it is in a kids room. Even the most efficient mom will appreciate having an extra storage area to get small items quickly out of sight and off the floor. Sometimes the small toys and items can result in safety hazards when they are scattered about, so it is very convenient to have a place to quickly dispose of items.

"Bedroom Storage Bench for Teens"

Great Storage Bench for Teens

"Bedroom Storage Bench for Kids"

Bedroom Storage Bench for Kids

There are many different, very cute, and colorful storage benches for kids that are available. You can also get unfinished benches that can be stained or painted to match or contrast the colors used in a child’s room.

You can also put decals and characters on them if you have a certain theme going on in their room that you want to extend to the furniture pieces.

"Bedroom Storage Bench for Children"

Use color to brighten up a bedroom storage bench

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