Sun Shades- What Types of Sun Shades Are Available?

Sun shades are the perfect solution to keep out sunlight and provide privacy. Sun shades are available in many different types, sizes, and colors. Find the perfect sun shade for your patio, deck or outdoor structures by using these valuable facts and information to help you decide which type is best for you.

"Sun Shades"

Sun Shade over patio area

Uses of Sun Shades

Sun shades will all serve the same general purpose of reducing sunlight to keeping out glares and to reduce temperatures. Many brands will also block UV rays and still allow for a good air flow. Having sunshades will also cut down on your electricity and reduce your energy costs. Brands such as Coolaroo and Sunsetter are both good brands to consider. Each company has a proven track record and come highly recommended.

Many homeowners have chosen to use outdoor sun shades for the main purpose of privacy. This is especially needed on such structures as, gazebos, porches, and pergolas. Many of these outdoor structures may come with plastic, vinyl or canvas sides, but may not be the perfect solution.


Use sunshades with pergolas and gazebos

The materials used in the production of sun shades will vary from breath-able fabrics such as mesh and polyester, to canvas and even bamboo. The price will also vary with the varying components and quality of materials provided in each type. You will find that the style of your outdoor space may help you find which style of shades will work best for your family.

Types of Sun Shades

Roll up sun shades will  come in various sizes and can be rolled up or down with a string mechanism. These are usually easy to install outdoors. It functions much like a curtain does and comes in both solids and patterned designs.

Solar Sun Shades come with a special mesh, polyester material. It will block out UV rays and is mildew proof and able to withstand high moisture levels. This is a great DIY project that is easy to install yourself. Popular colors are beige, burgundy, and green.

"Sun Shade Sail"

Sun Shade Sails add style and color

Custom Solar Shades come with a clutch and a continuous chain for rolling up easily and smoothly. These can be custom sized for individual needs.

Roller Shades come with a smooth mechanism that allows you to roll your sun shade in easily by using a clutch mechanism. This type doesn’t come with additional valances or extra frills.

Specialty Sun Shades can be purchased in commercial grades, or with designer grade fabrics such as, birch and sandalwood fabrics. The specially woven fabrics can lower your inside temperatures by up to 20%.

Sun Shade Sails are available in different sizes and brightly colored breathable fabrics that will also add a little modern style to your outdoor area.

*If Sun shades do not work for you, you may want to consider installing outdoor blinds.

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