Surfacing Materials for Your Deck or Patio

General Info on Surfacing Materials for Your Deck or Patio

There are many excellent patio surfacing materials to choose from to help you bring out the best in your yard and garden areas. Brick, tile, concrete pavers, flagstone, and wood are the most popular materials for patios. Some of the new options that I have found are the snap floor tiles and composite decking, both are easy to install and look fabulous on patios or decks. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages, so , when selecting the materials you should keep these points in mind.

A pavement should have a pleasing surface texture. It should be one that doesn’t glare and one that is not slippery. A soft appearing texture is more appealing than one that looks hard and slick. Patio paving should be reasonably easy to take care of. Stains from food or mud should be easy to clean up without having to take any drastic action. The paving should not require frequent overhauling.

The surface should level off smoothly for swift drainage and for easy movement of furniture and people. The material should harmonize with the construction materials used in the house or garden structure, such as a home gazebo or shade gazebo. It should also harmonize with the textures and tones of the garden plantings. It also should be one that can be put in place at a reasonable cost to you.

Paving should be weather-resistant, and shouldn’t sag, buckle, or crack in cold weather or get so warm underfoot that it is uncomfortable to walk on. If you want to store the day’s heat, you need one kind of paving. If you want to dispel the hat, you should use another kind.

Quality Decking Surface

If you are going to put the surfacing down yourself, you will want to know if this is possible. Some types are easily put in place, while others call for heavy machinery. Give your patio floor a good foundation, as this will greatly affect the life span of your paving.

Patio Pavement can be handcrafted tiles, beach and river pebbles, flagstone, or scored concrete.

There are several materials that can be used to supplement existing paving or for temporary surfacing. They are generally inexpensive and easy to apply. Wood chips, are springy, soft, and easily scattered. To work successfully as a patio surface, they should be confined in a grid system of headers. Other materials are gravel or crushed rocks which work best as a topping over bedrock or decomposed granite.

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