bench potting

Getting Acquainted with Begonias

Begonias are attractive plants for your yard and garden. They also make great house plants. If you grow or need to repot your begonias, bench potting is a process that you will want to get involved in. A potting bench, whether it is a cedar potting bench or one of the many other types of [...]

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Starting Seeds Indoors

Seeds can be sown indoors easily with the proper equipment. If you have a potting bench, this will help you a great deal. Bench potting is the way to go. When it is time to plant my seeds, I have all my materials available in my potting bench to do my tasks of planting quickly [...]

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Considering A Potting Bench?

Choosing a potting bench is not a hard task. As spring draws us closer to the outdoors, we start thinking and visualizing what we will plan and do as the warmer season approaches. If you are a gardener who likes to start your garden from seeds, bench pottingĀ  might be right up your alley. If [...]

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