beneficial insects

Praying Mantis:A Beneficial Insect

The Praying Mantis belongs to a group of insects that are predatory, but are beneficial in the garden. Mantises prey in the wild on frogs, lizards, birds, snakes, fish and rodents. They get their name “Praying mantis”, because they look like they are praying. The term is often misspelled as “preying”mantis since they do prey on [...]

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Gardeners-Welcome Your Ladybugs

If you are an avid gardener you most likely know that  you should always welcome ladybugs into your yard and garden. Why? The Ladybird beetle, better known to us, as a “ladybug” is one of the best beneficial insects we can have in the garden. Here are some ladybug facts According to Wikipedia, the ladybird beetle [...]

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