container planting

Containers and Planters-Pros and Cons of Materials

These are some pros and cons of choosing the right type of container or planter for your plants. The type of container you select depends on the style of your garden, and your preference for certain materials. Each type of container planter will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at containers [...]

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Planting in a Container- Step-By-Step

Planting in containers has become quite popular and is very easy to do. Planting in garden containers is ideal for people living in urban settings, such as apartments or condos with no yard space to put in a garden. Container planting is also popular with homeowners who like to add a container or two to [...]

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Overview of Planting in Containers

Container plantings have become very popular. There are many reasons why someone would choose a container, or planter over planting in a garden. Gardeners who may not have the room they need to plant a garden, or might like to move their plants around, would most likely choose to plant in containers. Where do you [...]

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