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Buxus- Using Boxwood in Your Landscape

Buxus is the name of a genus in the Buxaceae family. It includes up to 70 species of plants. The most common of these is the boxwood, Buxus sempervirens and the Little-leaf boxwood, Buxus microphylla. The boxwood is often used as hedges and as topiaries. Boxwood grows best in zones 5-9. It reaches a height [...]

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What is Candycane Sorrel?

Candycane sorrel, Oxalis versicolor, is a member of the Oxalis family. It is a fairly new plant that features small blooms that look like red and white candy canes. The blooms seem to closely resemble the Calla lily. The flowers are basically white with swirls of red going around them. Planting Candycane Sorrel They are [...]

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Bringing Houseplants Indoors-Time to Repot

As the overnight temperatures begin to drop below freezing, the annual parade of houseplants from the porch or patio into the house is here. While it is a good idea to acclimate these plants to the indoor environment by dragging them in and out of the house whenever the threat of frost is present, it [...]

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