Special Pruning: Espalier, Topiary, Coppicing, Pollarding, Pleaching

Special forms of pruning such as, espalier, topiary, coppicing, pollarding and pleaching are required when the gardener wants to achieve a particular look from their plants. Espalier Pruning Espalier is a great pruning technique if you have a limited amount of growing space in your yard or garden. You can even take fruit trees and [...]

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Espalier: How to Build Espalier Supports

Learning how to espalier your favorite fruit tree or ornamental shrubs is a great experience for the gardener. If you are new, and wondering how to espalier and what types of plants do best for espaliers, see: How to Espalier Fruit Trees and Ornamental Plants, and for pruning tips, How to Prune Established Espalier Trees. [...]

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How to Espalier Fruit Trees and Ornamental Plants

Learning to espalier your fruit trees and other ornamental plants is a skill and a worthwhile endeavor. So, you want to know what an Espalier is? No, it has nothing to so with expelling anything. It is a trellis upon which a tree or shrub is trained so that its trunk and branches lie in [...]

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