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Coleus- Facts and Information

Coleus, Solenostermon scuttellaroides hybrids, come in many interesting color combinations. Find facts and information on growing and caring for coleus, coleus propagation, and some of the great colors available. Coleus is a favorite annual that adds color and texture to your flower beds, garden edging, borders, ground covers, and container plantings. Coleus Facts and Information Coleus [...]

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Cathedral Windows- Growing Calathea picturata

Cathedral Windows, Calathea picturata, is a plant that gets its name from the picturesque veining and striping on its leaves that resembles stained glass. It is in the Family- Marantaceae. and is sometimes called a peacock plant. Other plants in this family with stunning foliage is the prayer plant, and the zebra plant. Cathedral windows [...]

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