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Effects of Rain on Your Canopy Gazebo

Outdoor elements can reign havoc on the wooden parts of outdoor structures such as a canopy gazebo,  a canvas gazebo, or a wooden park bench. Moisture can attack outdoor wood in a way that has nothing to do with rot. Wood swells when it is wet, and shrinks when it is dry. It is important [...]

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Landscaping a Canopy Gazebo

By landscaping a canopy gazebo, or any type of gazebo you might have, you can make it into a romantic escape, a quiet garden retreat, or a formal seating area. This can only be accomplished when your landscaping choices help bring your ideas into reality. You will find that a little landscaping can go long way [...]

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The Canvas Gazebo-A Gazebo Worth Purchasing

A Canvas Gazebo is a popular, less expensive gazebo worth purchasing.It may also be referred to as a canopy gazebo, or outdoor canvas gazebo. Choosing the right type of gazebo can be a difficult decision to make. As with anything you buy, you will always have a plus and minus side to any product. I [...]

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