hanging basket plants

Lipstick Plant- How to Grow Lipstick Plants

A lipstick plant, Aeschynanthus radicans, is a gesneriad that has a mounding, and vining growth pattern. Learn how to grow healthy lipstick plants so you can enjoy their beautiful blooms. Lipstick plants bloom with bright tubular flowers nestled into rich green glossy foliage on softly vining stems, and are used widely in hanging baskets. They [...]

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Planting a Hanging Basket or Window Box

Are you ready to get started on planting a hanging basket or a window box? Here is some helpful information to help you get your job done fast and easily. Hanging baskets will add a light, fairyland touch to your patio, deck, canvas gazebo, or anywhere in your yard and garden. A gazebo looks great with hanging baskets [...]

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