Tea Roses-Precursors of Modern Hybrid Tea Roses

Tea Roses were here long before the Hybrid Tea Roses found today. They are usually characterized by their growing habit. Tea Roses have a spreading growth that produces delicately scented blooms of pale coloring that are produced freely in summer into the autumn season to adore your yard and garden.

The Tea Rose is a Rose that is descended from "Rosa odorata", a Chinese Rose which was introduced early in the nineteenth century. There has been a lot of cross-breeding and selection that has produced many varieties from this process. These roses were often seen planted beside pergolas, canvas gazebos, park benches, and canopy gazebos of all types.

At this time there is very few of these in cultivation. These roses have been surpassed by the Hybrid Teas, which are hardier and better suited to be planted in open garden, and produces flowers of richer and more varied coloring.

Most Tea Roses sold at nurseries today are more of the Hybrid Tea variety. There are gardeners, however, who do grow some of the older original varieties of Tea Roses. These varieties are not readily found in local nurseries.

Tea Roses are especially adapted for growing in the South and on the West Coast. They have remained more popular in these locations, since these are the prime locations in which tea roses thrive. In locations other than these, the Hybrid Teas have surpassed the presence of Tea Roses. Hybrid Teas are hardier and better suited to planting in the open garden, and produce more varied coloring.

Tea Roses do preform their best when they have warm, well-drained soil. They do not do well in clay soils unless it has been prepared by replacing some of the clay with loam and sand. Most are not reliably hardy in the Northern states, and not so in some of the Southern states, as they would need some protection during the winter months.

This protection is best provided if the roses are dwarfs or bushes, by placing mounds of soil or old ashes over the base of the branches. If they are frown as Tree Roses, the branches should be tied loosely together and sacking wrapped around them when severe weather is expected. In mild climates they come safely through the winter months without protection of this sort.

In well-drained,loamy soil some varieties of Tea Rose will grow into fair-sized bushes and they will flower until quite late in the year. I would not recommend planting them for general planting in the open garden, with the exception being if you lived in a mild climate where you might have a sheltered garden.

Varieties of Tea Roses

Anna Olivier

Anna Olivier- One of the best of the older Teas. Fragrant, moderately vigorous.

Bon Silene- This rose Produces abundantly over a long period. It has large, double, rose-pink flowers.

Bridesmaid- A vigorous kind with soft pink blooms.

Comtesse Riza du Parc- This is a free flowering kind with large salmon-rose flowers that are tinted with copper.

Duchesse de Brabant- This Rose was the favorite of Teddy Roosevelt. It is free-blooming and has pink flowers.

Earl of Dufferin- This Rose is a very large, full-petalled Rose of vigorous growth. It has red, fragrant flowers.

Isabella Sprunt

Isabella Sprunt- A Tea Rose of vigorous growth that bears an abundance of sulphur-yellow flowers.

Lady Hillingdon- This rose has orange-yellow flowers, but has weak stems and is best for climbing walls.

Madame Antoine Mari- This variety is a delightful Rose of perfect rom. The blooms are lilac-rose shades and white and fragrant.

Mme. Lombard- A fine Tea Rose with salmon-pink shade with yellow.

Maman Cochet

Maman Cochet- This is a beautiful flower of light-rose shades. This Rose is one of the best Roses of the South

Marie Van Houtte- One of the best Tea Roses. It has flowers that are white and slightly tinted with pink and yellow.

Molly Sharman-Crawford- This is an attractive Rose with white flowers with greenish shading. It has fairly vigorous growth.

Mrs. Dudley Cross- This is a thornless Rose that has large, well-formed flowers of light yellow and light pink shading.

Mrs. Herbert Stevens- Without a doubt the best white Tea Rose. The flowers are sweet and the Rose does well in open gardens.

Mrs. Herbert Stevens

Rosette Delizy- This is a good variety that blooms over an extended season. It has yellow flowers with dark carmine outer petals.

Souvenir de G. Nabonnand- This is a light-rose color, is fragrant and grows moderately vigorous.

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