The Canvas Gazebo-A Gazebo Worth Purchasing

A Canvas Gazebo is a popular, less expensive gazebo worth purchasing.It may also be referred to as a canopy gazebo, or outdoor canvas gazebo. Choosing the right type of gazebo can be a difficult decision to make. As with anything you buy, you will always have a plus and minus side to any product. I will give you a good overview of these points so that you can decide for yourself what works best for you.

Canvas Gazebo

A gazebo can add a special charm to your yard or garden. It can be accented with accessories and plants to serve as a focal point in your yard. A gazebo not only gives a nice shady area, a shelter from damaging UV rays, but also a place to enjoy outdoor picnics and parties, right in your own backyard. Gazebos can be very stylish and can also be used as a shelter over an outdoor hot tub or children's  play area.

If you are wanting a gazebo that is lightweight, portable, and less expensive, this is one that you should consider. It comes with standard features. Among these are the lightweight aluminum poles that come with the standard ones. Some varieties offer a metal or type of cast-iron on the edges that will give weight to your gazebo as well as provide a decorative frame on each of the four sides. Another standard feature on the canvas gazebo and on gazebo tents is the cloth-like top material. The tops are made of canvas, or actually more of a polyvinyl or polyurethane material. These materials will vary with your choice. There are many styles available, so be sure to check outmany different sources before you choose. They are usually treated with a weather resistant coating that will protect the material from the elements.

The standard canvas gazebo cover comes in green and beige. The green gazebo is very popular and seems to go with the outdoors very well. Some varieties come with mosquito netting or privacy screens. The mosquito netting usually attaches to the frame and has vertical zippers at either one edge, or one on each corner. The netting will keep out insects making your outdoor experience more enjoyable. The privacy screens are solid materials that cannot be seen through.

These are a great addition if your yard is open with no privacy fence or simply adjoins to a neighbors yard. The screens come with either clips that go over the frame or velcro strips that wrap around the frame. Another factor to consider, is if you want your gazebo to be portable or more of a permanent fixture in your yard. Many varieties of canvas gazebos do come with metal stakes and tie downs. If you choose to have it portable, meaning that it is easily taken down and moved to different places, then this is something you most definitely need to know. The only negative factor of buying this type of gazebo is that the wind can be a problem. Even with tie downs and metal stakes, you are at the mercy of the wind. Don't get me wrong! The metal stakes, tie downs and deck sand bags will do the job under  normal circumstances.

I live in the Mid West where the wind on many, many occasions is just too strong and overpowers the stakes. It becomes a parachute and will land-who knows where.  If you choose to make it a permanent structure, you will avoid this negative factor. What you will need to do is to attach the frame to a solid surface and bolt it down. As the weather declines, you should take off the canvas material and store it. One other negative on this type pertains to the material you have on top. If you have a top that has a treated material, you will find that sometimes the weather resistant substance wears away and may begin to leak. It will take some time before a canopy leaks. If it does it can be treated with a waterproof spray that can seal it up as good as new.

If you prefer, you can order a new  gazebo canopy replacement. It can be easily purchased when your top gets weathered from the sun and rain, or discolored. By having this option available to you, it makes the canvas gazebo even more appealing. It will give you many more years of service because it will look like new with the purchase of a replacement top. Most of these gazebos come in a 10 x 10 ft. size and the 8 x 8 ft. size. The canvas gazebois really a nice feature to add to your yard or garden.  If you find that this gazebo is not for you, you might want to consider the hexagonal gazebo or the metal gazebo.  I hope this has been helpful to you.


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