The Drawer Cart-Overview

If you find yourself unorganized, as most of us get at some time in our lives, you may need to purchase a drawer cart. A drawer cart comes with from one to twelve drawers. They come in solid colors, white usually, but can also be found in primary colors as well as other colors. Each company has their own line and styles to choose from.

They come with solid sides with clear front drawers, and with solid colors for the entire cart assembly. The clear plastic front enables the user to see exactly what is inside. The opposite advantage to being all solid, would be that you can not see what is inside. This is handy to have in an office situation where you have need of privacy. Check out all of the bright colors that are available in drawer carts.

Colorful Drawer Carts

Carts can be made of plastic, rubber, wood or metal. They can be used anywhere that the need for organization can be found. I even use them in my yard and garden patio to hold small items that I can't put into my potting bench. Don't forget that these carts can also serve as a garden tool organizer in your garage to store small items.

Drawer carts  made of plastic and rubber are  probably the most widely used carts. The prices will vary according to the makeup of the drawer cart. They can either have rollers or casters making them portable, or, they may not have any type of wheel on them at all. Casters do make them easier to move around but are not always an essential feature.

Here is a list of some of the various options available for drawer cart: 2 drawer cart, 3 drawer cart4 drawer cart, 5 drawer cart, 6 drawer cart, and you can even find carts with up to 12 drawers in them. These drawer carts come in a standard width, narrow width, and a wide width. The height of the carts will vary depending on the sizes and number of drawers that the particular cart holds.

If you are looking for organization and storage you can not go wrong with a drawer cart. I have several different varieties that I use in my home. They are great for use in the bathroom to hold extra linens, towels, wash cloths, or can be used for a clothes hamper. Drawer carts are great for crafts, crayons, and all kinds of supplies that you accumulate with children.

They can also be used in the kitchen or dining area for storage. The garage is a place that always seems to need extra storage space. Tools can be stored in the heavier steel drawer carts, while bins for nails, screws, and various items can be stored in a lightweight plastic or rubber cart.  Most people will agree that there never seems to be enough storage space in their house.

Drawer carts made of plastic are lightweight, making them easy to move organizers for college students and school aged children. A drawer cart makes an excellent makeup case to store are types of makeup products. The smaller sizes also make great locker organizers. The smaller ones are a favorite for little girls who have lots of barrettes, bows and hair ribbons.  Children need space to stash small toys and stuffed animals. These carts are perfect for that and the colors that are available are very appealing to young ones. The uses of drawer carts are absolutely endless. I think every family owns at least one type of these versatile carts.

Some drawer carts are made of wood. These tend to be used more in offices and businesses than they do for home use. They are more expensive, but are very nice pieces of furniture. The wooden drawer carts can have filing drawers or larger spaces for storage of larger items that need to be hidden away without looking cluttered or messy.

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