The Morning Glory is a Great Climbing Vine

The Morning Glory is a great climbing vine that will add color to any backdrop. Morning Glories prefer full sun and fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 5.5-7.0. The blooms are funnel shaped azure blue, but can also come in a shade of pink. The blooms will appear in the summer and usually grow on a trellis or fence. The leaves are a medium green, with heart-shaped leaves that will twine around just about anything in your yard or garden that it can reach.

"Morning Glory Heavenly Blue"

'Heavenly Blue"

Get your climbing vine off to a good start. It grows best on some type of support, such as an arbor, trellis, or a pergola. You can put in some companion plants around them to fill in spaces and create some greenery along the bottom of where the morning glories are planted. Such plants as, purple coneflower, gaura, lilies, and alyssum.

The care of morning glories are easy. Just plant them 12-24” apart in late spring where plants will receive at least 6 hours of unobstructed sunlight. Apply slow-release granular plant food when you plant them. Follow the label directions for amount and frequency. Water deeply when the soil is dry. Apply 3” of vegetative mulch in summer to help retain soil moisture and as it decomposes it will add organic matter to the soil. Remove plants just before the first frost or right afterward. Cover bare soil with 3 “ of vegetative mulch during winter to preserve the topsoil. Please note that in certain colder areas these plants will not winter over and will need to be replanted each year.

Morning Glory propagation is done by planting seeds directly into the soil where you want them to grow. They will grow any where from 6 to 12’ high, by 5’wide. Remember, this is a climbing vine that will grow very tall. You will need to help wrap it around where you want it to grow so that you can get enough area covered. The better you have the vine placed over your fence, arbor, or trellis, the better the vine will look when it is blooming.

The Morning Glory, once established, will grow fast if it is kept in full sun and watered as needed. They also look great climbing up the railing or frame of a canopy gazebo, or some type of canvas gazebo.

"Morning Glory Wedding Bells"

Morning Glory 'Wedding Bells'

Related species of the Morning Glory are cultivars, ‘Crimson Rambler’ which has red flowers and a white throat, and ‘Heavenly Blue Improved’ which has beautiful sky blue flowers with a pale center, ‘Flying Saucers’ has marbled blue and white flowers, and ‘Wedding Bells’ has rosy blue flowers.

*Tip- soak the seeds overnight before sowing to help speed up germination. Also plant the seeds directly in the landscape as they resent transplanting. Chain link fencing or a trellis will provide a good support for them.

Pests and Diseases of the Morning Glory include: fungal leaf spots, rust, stem rot, and wilt. More information on other types of climbers can be found at

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