The Tea Cart-What Materials are Available?

Overview of the Resin Wicker tea cart, the Teak tea cart, and Aluminum tea cart

There are many options available when choosing a tea cart. Among these are the wicker tea cart, the teak tea cart (silver tea cart), and the aluminum tea cartKids tea carts, by Disney and others, are also available for children.

"Tea Carts"

Wicker Tea Cart

A Tea cart is a very versatile and neat item to own. If you are in the market for a tea cart, I would like to give you an overview of a few of the many materials that a tea cart can be made of. A tea cart will make a great addition to your yard or garden areas by offering a sturdy stand to serve your guests.

If you have a canopy gazebo or deck, you should consider purchasing a tea cart. They are great for entertaining or just relaxing. I have a canvas gazebo, which is actually a type of canopy gazebo, that is permanently positioned to a frame, and I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed serving food and beverages on my tea cart. The mobility of the carts are super for placing in different areas of need. Just make sure that you get a tea cart with wheels and a handle. There are many out there that don't have wheels, and that is fine if you want to leave it in one place and not have it moved around. Here is a quick description of a few of the materials that a tea cart comes in.

Resin wicker tea cart

This is usually a traditional style that is made to be used inside as well as taken outdoor onto your deck or patio. It is constructed of wicker and is made to withstand a reasonable amount of sun and rain. It is a polypropylene type resin that coats the wicker that is tightly woven and is made to repel water and the harsh sun’s rays. It is durable and can be purchased as part of a wicker collection or just as an accent piece for entertaining purposes. It cleans easily and will compliment your other outdoor designs.

Silver Tea Carts (Teak Tea Cart)

Yes, there are silver tea carts. Some not made of silver, though. The tea cart is used to serve food and beverages, or anything that suits your fancy when entertaining outdoors. John Caldwell has a collection he calls, the Silver Collection, which are gorgeous pieces that are made of teak. This wood turns a silver-gray color when it ages. The wood develops a patina over time and is very natural looking in appearance. It is kiln dried and left unfinished. It is said to be very low maintenance. If you want quality and style this one is for you.

Aluminum Outdoor tea cart

These tea carts are made with a high quality cast aluminum frame. It has two levels of glass shelves that are great for serving up your favorite food and drinks. This tea cart has raised railings on the top shelf to keep plates and items from falling off. It has wheels on the front back two legs and cast rollers on the front 2 legs of the cart. It weighs about 40 lbs. And is very easily moved around because of the wheels and handles that it has. A great buy here too.

There are many more materials available for tea carts. Cherry wood, wrought iron, and stainless steel tea carts are also very popular ones to take a look at.

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