The Wonders of Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have been evolved from the desire for backyard barbecues and outdoor entertaining. Since that time, grilling has evolved beyond the basic meals of hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks, to become a type of specialty cuisine in your yard and garden. Their are many wonderful outdoor kitchen designs available to choose.

With this interest in specialty foods from the grill, we are drawn increasingly to outdoor cooking. However, today's benefits are much broader than those of a hundred years ago. Now, as outdoor living becomes more established and we are creating new spaces, guests gather on the patio and deck near the pool or backyard fountain. There, they enjoy the landscape and the escape to the outdoors. Outside living spaces offer more room to entertain. When the weather is beautiful, no one really wants to be indoors;neither do they want their host to be inside, away from the fun and conversation.

Outdoor kitchen design

Given today's lifestyle, the demand for outdoor kitchens is a natural progression, bringing food preparation to the place we want to be. Our yards and gardens have become retreats for us. Talented gardeners and landscapers have transformed their yards into places to be enjoyed-places that nurture and revitalize us. We live separated from nature much of the day, longing to be outside in the sunlight and fresh air. For many, cooking is a social time, so why not enjoy it with family and friends outdoors?

Outdoor kitchens can expand a small home, so that entertaining the extended family or large groups is possible without going through a remodel of the house.

By working with a kitchen and outdoor architect, every detail of an outside cooking area can be easily realized, but not always inexpensively. Kitchens are one of the most costly rooms in the home, and an outdoor kitchen incurs many of the same costs, if not a few more.

In planning your outdoor kitchen, you need to take into account the life-style of your family. The personal wants and needs of of those preparing the meals must be considered as well. Informal cookouts for friends and more formal dinners when entertaining clients have their own special requirements in terms of equipment and organization.

If possible, the flooring of the outside cooking area should be a continuation of the inside kitchen. The bar unit that contains the cooking appliance should be as near the kitchen as possible to keep steps back and forth to stock the outdoor kitchen to a minimum.

To add privacy or block and unwanted view, you may want to design a large natural fireplace. Not only will it serve as a visual screen, but it will also add warmth, light, and ambiance, and you can use it for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. You will find that  outdoor kitchens are very practical and enjoyable.

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