Timber Fencing- Why Choose Timber Fencing?

Timber fencing is the oldest type of fencing there is and the most popular type of fencing material. Timber fencing can add a rustic look to your property, or it can be made of varying types of timber, that will project a different look. This will depend on what type of timber you use and what you do with the timber you use for your fencing. You can even even add solar lights to fence posts for added exterior house lighting along your fence line.

Many people choose to put up a fence out of timber that will simply weather naturally and usually turns a gray color when it ages. Modern fencing can be put up with different types of patterns that give a neat effect when it is repeated along side a house or acreage.

"Timber Fencing"

Timber Fencing to Control Livestock

Some people choose to put up timber fencing along the boundary of their property for security or for keeping in livestock or pets. Many different types of timber can be purchased from lumber yards or directly from mills.

Finishing Your Timber Fencing

Not only can you get the natural rustic look by letting your fence weather, you can also choose to paint it. Many people like to apply paint just to preserve the wood, while others like to have a colored fence that blends in with their home or other nearby structures. You can make your timber fencing as unique and different as you would like, or choose to apply paint in a more traditional manner. White fences, green and dark brown fences seem to be the most popular painted color for fencing.

"Traditional Timber Fencing"

Traditional Timber Fencing

Traditional fencing can be painted by applying a primer before the first coat of paint. It will sometimes take a second coat of paint to get a good finish.

You may choose to simply apply a wood stain to your fence. There are many types of stains in all kinds of wood colors for you to choose from.

Added Features

You may also add a little pizazz to your fencing by adding decorative gates such as wrought iron or a pre-assembled type of garden gate. Many of these can be purchased in specific sizes or they can be custom made to fit your needs. You may also choose to have your posts accented with decorative caps or plain caps, if you are wanted a modern finished look.

Timber Fencing in patterns

Timber fencing can be smooth, flat, or rough. Your choice will depend on the look that you wanting to project in your landscape.

Taking Measurements

Be sure to take an accurate measurement of the length of fencing that you will need. Make sure that you allow for the insertion of posts into the total measurement. This is only necessary if your boards are going to end within each segment from post to post. If it doesn’t, then just measure the total length of the fence that you will need.

"Stained Timber Fencing"

Stained Timber Fencing

Take into consideration the length of the type of timbers that you want, and then calculate how many of them you will need to reach the total length you need. The posts will need to be placed so that your timbers can be nailed to the evenly spaced posts.

You will find many types of fencing to choose from. Be sure to check out all of  your options so that you will get the type of fence that will serve your purpose, as well as look great in your yard or garden area.

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