Tips on Growing Geraniums

Geraniums are easy to grow and will reward you with many long lasting blooms. A geranium is technically known as “Pelargonium”. Geraniums may be grown from seed and are one of the best loved of all the annuals. The geranium ranks high in popularity with the lovely well known rose. They are excellent for beds and borders in your yard and garden, and are great plants to put int window boxes. Growing geraniums is very popular in European countries. I always remember seeing pictures and houses in Germany with pretty window boxes outside their windows filled with beautiful blooming geranium plants.

Geraniums have many species of varying sizes and colors. There are tiny geraniums that do well in pots, or low borders and edgings. These little ones have dark green leaves and huge globe shaped flowers heads. They stay neat, low and trim. You may find them in colors of pink, salmon, white or red.

The larger varieties are great as accent or filler plants in your flower bed. They come in some of the same colors as the wee ones. Geraniums have tall stems that have a cluster of bright colorful flowers that bloom most of the summer and fall seasons. Be sure to cut off the dead stems to allow for the new ones to come up. Don't forget that geraniums make great container plants too.

Geraniums in Beds

Geranium Care

Geraniums may also be started from seeds. This is another good project for your potting bench, or bench potting activities. Geranium seeds are slow growing, so don’t throw away your pots too soon as they may just pop up unexpectedly.

In frost free climates, geraniums can actually be grown outdoors in the soil throughout the year. They will grow well in many different types of soil, but be sure to put them in a sunny location since they love and need the sun. A little shade will be okay, but they do need mostly sun. Be sure to fertilize them with at intervals with a general all purpose fertilizer. Water the plants periodically during the growing season to make sure they stay healthy, grow well, and do not loose their leaves too soon.

Geraniums Winter Storage

Cold winters and frost are geraniums worst enemy. You need to prepare your geraniums for winter and for winter storage. A covering of coarse sand mounded around the base of each in the fall will often prevent them from dying completely. The tops may be damaged but the root system will stay in tact and come back the next year if you live in the lower warm southern states. Another option, is to dig them up, pot them and take them indoors during the harsh winter weather for winter storage. Don’t forget to water them while they are inside too. No neglecting your plants!

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