Triumph Tulips-Favorite Purples and Reds

Triumph tulips have some of the most beautiful colors of purples and reds. Triumph tulips are classic tulips that have brought many tulip beds to life. They can be planted with many color schemes to give a splendid and striking display of color. Tulipa Triumph tulips are the most important group of tulips in today’s tulip market. In fact, they take up about 45 % of tulip acreage in the Netherlands. They were created by crossing Single Early tulips with mid- and late-flowering tulips, with the deliberate goal to create a uniform mid-season cultivar that would be suitable to plant in mass bedding beds.

Triumph tulips grow to around 20 inches high, with sturdy stems and a single egg-shaped flower that is able to withstand the worst of the spring weather. Their mid-season flowering makes them the standard tulip for garden bedding schemes and the color range is amazing. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from. The purple, violet, and mauve shades are very well represented in this group of tulips, in contrast to other mid-season tulips, which are mainly red, yellow and orange. Not only are there single-colored flowers in all tints and shades imaginable, but also many cultivars have bi-colored or multi-colored flowers which make them desirable for cut flowers.

Triumph Negrita

There are so many great varieties, but I should mention a few that are worth mentioning. “Negrita’ is the classic Triumph purple tulip, and other cultivars that are freely available to make harmonious mixtures and associations with it are ‘Attila’, a light violet purple; ‘Barcelona’, light purple; and a more violet pink, ‘Don Quichotte’ violet pink; ‘Passionale’, with violet purple outside and a beetroot purple interior; ‘Purple Prince’, shorter growing with mid-purple flowers; and ‘Hans Anrud’, deep purple with distinctive black stems.

There are also many red Triumph tulips that I recommend for planting. Strong clear reds are “Charles’, ‘Frisco’,and ’Oscar’. A more complex one is ‘Bastogne’. It has dark red informal flowers that in certain lights seem to have a hint of toffee orange.

The darkest red of all if ‘Jan Reus’, an almost black crimson flower that is ideal for bringing contrast and drama to white, pink or purple color schemes.

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