Tulipa acuminata-an Overview

Tulipa acuminata is a strange, unique tulip that may be unfamiliar to many gardeners and is rather rare. This Turkish tulip is also nicknamed the ‘Fire Flame” tulip. If you are a gardener that enjoys having plants with a rich history behind it, or enjoy plants with oddities, then this tulip will be worthy of your attention.

The petals of Tulipa acuminata are drawn out to long thin points that claw wildly at the air surrounding them. It seems that every flower on them are a little different. Each petal is a finely twisted with a pale yellow base color that is splashed and streaked with irregular orange red markings. Its flowers are very wispy and miss-happen. They are neat in my respects because they don’t follow the mold of most traditional tulips that come to mind. There forms have been referred to as having an ephemeral nature and a sensuous form.

Tulipa acuminata

This tulip has never been found growing in the wild and is almost certainly of garden origin. This is a variety found in Turkey in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. This tulip is thought to be a cross between the species of Turkish origins, and imported species and cultivars from other regions. Much of this remains a mystery and seems to add to the allure of this tulip.

This tulip seems to break the botanical rules of nomenclature for a plant species since because it hasn’t been found in the wild and is from a hybrid origin.

Tulipa acuminata needs to be grown in association with plants that enhance its garden impact. You could surround it with plantings of bold colored foliage, or plant low growing varieties of tulips. The plant tends to be tall and lanky so it really needs to have many companion plants around it to give a more pleasing show to onlookers.

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