Types of Oak Benches

If you are trying to choose the right type of oak bench, you will find that there are many charming and varied types of oak benches to choose from. Oak benches can be purchased for interior as well as for outdoor enjoyment. Most oak furniture and benches should be placed in a sheltered area to prevent them from getting damaged. They do well in an enclosed patio or deck, or at least where it would allow for the bench to be moved inside easily out of inclement weather.

A Few Oak Facts
An Oak is classified as either a tree or shrub and is in the genus “Quercus”. It comes as a deciduous species, as well as an evergreen species and may be found from in most kinds of climates depending on its variety and species.
Oak is a high density hardwood that contains a substance called tannin which is a natural anti-fungal and insect repellent. It also has a beautiful grain and color that is so popular in furniture today.





Oak Park Bench

Types of Oak Benches

  • Oak Park Bench-This is a beautiful park bench and one that is very popular. It can be made of solid wood or have a metal frame with oak slats across it. At some point in time, you will need to apply a coat of finish to an oak bench as it becomes weathered. This is easy to do. If it has any rough spots, just do a quick sanding, wipe off any dust and then apply a coat of polyurethane finish, and it will remain in good shape for many years longer. This application can be put on any outdoor wood furniture.
  • Oak Storage Bench- A great item for inside your home. It is makes a good item to place inside the door of garages and mudrooms to store shoes and weather gear.
  • Oak Dining Bench-This is another kind of bench that comes in many styles, including the simple shaker design. It can be used for any number of purposes, from just a comfortable bench to a small dining table.
  • Upholstered Oak Bench- A wooden oak bench that has the top portion upholstered with fabric that come sin varying patterns to match your other home decor. Some of these may even have a shelf below it that books or other small items may be placed.
  • Oak Dining Nook Bench-This is a bench that can be added to an oak table that is placed in a little nook or side area in your kitchen. These are usually solid wood and has a brace between the ends for added support.
  • Halltree with Storage Bench

    Oak Hall Tree Bench-A solid oak design that is part bench and has a high upper back, also made of oak, that has pegs for hanging miscellaneous items.

  • Oak Vanity Bench- This is a special bench that is usually upholstered and matches a vanity. They usually come in a set with the vanity, but can be purchased separately.
  • Oak Hope Chest and Storage Bench- A good item for keepsakes and serves as a great storage area.
  • Oak Bench Style Toy Boxes that can be personalized. These are ideal for toys and storage of pieces with small parts. It makes a quick and easy way to clean up a child’s room.
  • Oak Cubby Benches with seating on top and cubbies underneath. They can serve as storage or whatever you may need them for. They do well for magazines or books.
  • Oak Piano Bench is another type of bench offered that is durable as well as functional.
  • Oak Shoe Storage Bench-this also doubles as a bench as well as a shoe rack underneath.

Regardless, of which bench you choose, you will find that oak is indeed a good wood for making a quality piece of furniture. It is easy to care for and will last a very long time.

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