Using Vines to Your Advantage-The Morning Glory

Most gardeners forget about vines in their yard and garden. Don’t forget them; Use them to your advantage. A fast growing vine can hide a lot of unsightly spots and places, even that unsightly compost pile, for this reason they make great screening plants. There are many different vines that can serve a dual purpose of being attractive as well as hiding these unattractive areas in your yard or garden.

One of the best of the vine families is the Morning Glory vines. It is probably the most popular and most widely grown annual vine. They have heart-shaped, medium green leaves and they flower in great profusion. The vine is a twiner, so give it something to wind around. It doesn’t cling to a surface like the tendril-bearing vines, like ivy.

Morning glories will thrive in poor soil and will grow just about anywhere as long as they have adequate sun. On cloudy days the flowers will stay open most of the day, but on sunny days they might close their flowers around noon. You can try to place your plants so they do not get direct sun in the early morning to help the blooms stay open longer.

Morning Glory Vine

Morning Glory seeds can be purchased at most lawn and garden or gardening centers. Morning Glories are always started from seeds. They come up fairly quickly and are easy to grow. Morning glory seeds are great for children to try to grow.

The morning glories will start flowering when they are very small, only a few inches high. As they grow, you will find new flower buds all along the vine, so you will usually have flowers in bloom. Morning glory blooms are very beautiful, especially Heavenly Blue, and still very popular.

The strong growing plants are very healthy, and a few vines will cover a very large area. They can be grown on fences, arbors, walls or edges of ponds, or they can be trained to go around a particular object.

Some of the best varieties come in various colors. The Heavenly Blue is the only blue, then there are pinks, whites, rose, and red varieties. There is also a night blooming variety, Ipomoea Mexicana alba. Trying both of the varieties will give you blooms both day and night.

Other vines worth having is the moonflower,cathedral bells,and the marble vine.

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