Using Water in Your Garden

Water can be used in many ways in the garden. Water  provides a medium in which plants of a special kind, the aquatics, can be grown. It can also be stocked with fish which bring life and movement to the garden. Plants and fish combine well, as the latter benefit from the protection which floating and submerged leaves provide. Having a backyard pond will give you many options for choosing water plants and fish.

If the fish are to be enjoyed to the fullest, planting must not be too dense or they will be screened almost completely from view. One advantage of having both fish and plants in a pool is that the combination of the two will keep your water fresh. However, if crystal-clear water is required it will be best to have no living things in it. Using chemicals to prevent growth of weeds and preventing scum will kill both plants and fish.

I have a pond with fish and aquatic plants. It has a bridge over the pond and is set a little ways away from my canopy gazebo. All the features blend together to make a dynamic overall design in my garden landscape. I enjoy walking over the bridge and gazing about the pond anxiously awaiting the warm weather and the blooms of my water lilies.

"Backyard pond"

A Canopy Gazebo and water feature working together

The smooth, mirror appearance of water captures the changing color of the sky, the reflections of plants or structures placed close to them. Fountains and cascades bring both movement and the pleasant sounds that falling or rushing water can create.

You must choose which effect you would like to capture in your garden. There is no reason why anyone cannot enjoy both the water of the pond and features like the canopy gazebo. I also enjoy having my evergreen muhgo pine next to my pond. I had to cut it back last year because it was getting too large to fit in with the design of my pond. I took advantage of that situation and tried to make an over-sized bonsai out of my tree. It actually looks pretty neat.

There are many moving-garden effects possible, even in a small garden. The use of an electric pump that is made especially for under water, the submersible pump, is the best way to go for circulating water in your yard or garden. If plants are to be grown in the water or it is to be stocked with fish this is far better than using water from an outside source, because of the varying temperatures that will occur, and the fact that valuable nutrients may be washed away.

If water is used in formal parts of the garden, the shape of the basin or pool should contribute to the overall design. By contrast, and informal pool should appear as natural as possible. It uses plants,turf, and rocks to conceal any concrete, or plastic sheeting used in the construction of the pool.

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