Vines- Facts and Information on Popular Vines

Vines are very useful plants in the garden. Vines can be used in various ways, from adorning fences and gates to being used as a ground cover. If they are allowed to spread over the ground, they will produce a blanket-like appearance and grow only a few inches tall.

The greatest use of vines comes from the fact that vines climb on nearly anything that will stand still long enough for them to grab hold. They can also be used for pergolas, gazebos and arbors.

Vines can relieve the monotony of a bare wall or cover an unattractive dead tree or tool shed. They will provide shade and privacy on a porch or in a screen house. It is also important to get your climbing vine off to a good start.

You can choose from deciduous or evergreen vines. They can provide masses of color, with flowers, fruit, or autumn leaves. And many of them require little, which is an added bonus for the gardener.

"Clematis Vine"

Clematis Jackmani in full bloom

Popular Vines for Your Yard and Garden


All members of the clematis genus are either shrubby or woody vines. They are noted for their rapid, slender growth, delicate foliage, and a profusion of sweet-scented blossoms throught the summer. The most popular varieties are the jackmani (violet-purple), paniculata (white), montana (white or pink), tangutica (gold), and texensis (scarlet). Zones 4-8

"Boston Ivy"

Boston Ivy

Boston Ivy

Boston ivy climbs up to 40 ft. And clings firmly to brick or stone walls. It has deep green leaves that color to scarlet in fall. It prefers northern or eastern exposures. Zones 5-9

Big Leaf wintercreeper

Euonymus fortunei vegetus is an evergreen vine that grows welll on masonry walls. It bears orange berries in the fall which last nost of the winter. The plant is exceptionally hardy. Zones 5-9

Variegated Wintercreeper

This vine has leaves with silvery margins and dark green centers. It often holds leaves through the winter. The vine thrives in sun or partial shade and has small, green-white flowers and pink fruit.

"Bignonia Trumpet Vine"

Trumpet vines are hummingbird favorites

Bignonia (Trumpet Vine)

This is a woody, high climbing evergreen vine. It flowers from summer to fall, with red-orange flowers. The trumpet vine, bignonia, is a favorite plant of hummingbirds. Use this vine for fences, walls, or trees. Zone 6 southward


Bittersweet is a woody vine, Celastrus scandens, that is best used for low walls as it is not tall growing. The flowers are small and yellow, in autumn there are yellow berries with bright red coats. Zone 4-8


Akebia is a strong, woody, tall-growing vine with small, fragrant, but inconspicuous flowers in spring. The fruit is a purple berry. It is useful for shade and on walls or arbors. Zone 6 southward


This is a woody vine that can attain a height of 30 feet and provides shade with large kidney-shaped leaves. It has unique brown flowers in the form of a Dutch pipe. Zones 6-9

"Wisteria Vine"

Blooms of a Wisteria Vine


Wisteria sinensis, ia a rapid-growing, woody vine that attains a large size. It has long, pendulous clusters of pale blue, lavender, or white flowers in June. Zones 5-9

Virginia Creeper

Virginia creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia, is a vigorous, tall-growing vine with leaves turning to scarlet in the fall. Will form a dense color and is hardy under most conditions. It thrives best in moist loam. Zones 4-9

"Vines for Pergolas and Gazebos"

Use vines on pergolas and gazebos


Bearberry is a handsome evergreen vine with rooting stems. Its foliage turns bronze in winter. Fruit is red, flowers white or pink. Zones 3 to 8

Baltic Ivy

Baltic ivy is a small-leaved variety of the common English Ivy. It is very hardy, and provides a dense cover of dark green foliage. Zones 4-8

Silver Lace Vine (Fleece vine)

Polygonum auberti is a fast-growing, woody vine that reaches 20 feet in the first year. It has greenish-white, lacelike, fragrant flowers that bloom heavily from August until late fall. Zones 5-9

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