Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood – What’s Available?

Vinyl flooring that looks like wood is a great durable product for your home. Homeowners love the look of wood but find that it is a little more costly than they can afford. Wood is a beautiful finish that is very durable and long lasting. When it wears, all you have to do is to refinish the surface. Vinyl is a very popular and a much more reasonably priced material than wood.

"Vinyl Floor That Looks Like Wood"

Newly laid vinyl floor that looks like wood

Many homeowners are looking for a floor material for their home that is waterproof and easy to care for. They want an attractive floor that has a low cost, and can be put down easily without having to pay an installer to come out and out it in for you. They are not aware of the materials and flooring that is available today.

You will be glad to find out that you can purchase vinyl flooring and tiles that look like wood and is easy to clean and maintain. The vinyl tiles come in 1/8 inch thicknesses. They are waterproof and very durable. You can also buy vinyl planks that look just like a wood strip floor.

"Vinyl floor that looks like real wood"

Vinyl planks have a sticky backing

These are usually 3 inches wide by 36 inches long, but they can also be purchased in 4 1/2” widths. They should be installed in a random pattern so that they look natural. Be sure to stagger the seams so that it looks like wood floors. Most of the vinyl tiles and planks have  a sticky surface on the back that will adhere to smooth surfaces.

You can find these planks in up to 20 different types of wood. They can be intermixed to create some very creative types of floors and borders. They all have a finish that is a type of satin urethane that will allow the floor to remain resistant to dirt and scuffing.

Brands of Vinyl Flooring that looks like wood

Armstrong, Allure, Novalis, Manning, and Mintcraft make quality vinyl flooring. You may also find this type of vinyl wood look alike flooring at flooring outlets across the country. There are many online stores that specialize in these products as well.

More Vinyl Plank Options

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