Waterproof Gazebo-Finding the Right One

If you are wanting to buy a gazebo, and have a canopy of some type over your gazebo, then you should make sure that you have a waterproof gazebo. A waterproof gazebo cover can be purchased to fit most all gazebos, and gazebo tents. There are made of  many types of water resistant materials. There are types of canvas, vinyls and polyester materials to choose from.

Gazebos, especially canvas gazebos and canopy gazebos, are very popular. Their prices range from inexpensive to the more expensive ones that are all wood. These tend to have a more elaborate design, as well as being made of more expensive, quality materials than some of the others.

Waterproof Gazebo

Waterproof Gazebo with Netting

You should be familiar with some terms when you begin to look for a waterproof gazebo. The terms, shower proof, water resistant or waterproof may come up in your searches. You may find a type of material that is more of a plastic material, polyethylene, that will have a more plastic feel and look to it. The most common waterproof top you will find is the treated water-resistant polyester. A description of the materials should tell you exactly what the canopy is made of.

You may have only a top canopy on your gazebo, but for extra protection to protect the interior surface, you should also have side walls. The side walls are usually made of the same water proof material that the top canopy is made of. Most side walls will have velcro or some type of connecting material to attach your sides to the main frame of your gazebo.

If you have looked at gazebos before, you know that there are many different types of gazebos, as well as types of materials that they are made of. They come in many different styles and many different shapes and sizes. The most common sizes are the 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 10 x 12, 10 x 20. You can also get them custom made to a certain size, and with the specific types of materials and colors that you would like.

Before choosing your gazebo, you need to think of the size you might need. Think through what you are going to use your gazebo for. Are you using it for entertaining, to serve as a focal point in your landscape, or for a cozy retreat to relax in. Naturally, if you are using your canopy gazebo to entertain, you will need one large enough to allow chairs or tables underneath it. After you decide on the use of your gazebo and the price range that you can afford, then check around to see what is available. You will find the waterproof gazebo that will keep you dry, and also have the look you want at the same time.

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