Wedding Gazebo – Decorating and Choosing Your Gazebo

A wedding gazebo is the perfect place to have an outdoor wedding. Wedding gazebos are very romantic and an elegant way to share your vows on your special day. Having your wedding ceremony under a beautifully designed wedding gazebo is becoming more and more popular as couples are getting away from the traditional weddings of their parents and grandparents.

A wedding gazebo, can be a fixed structure, or one that is portable. A portable wedding gazebo can be placed along with wedding arches and other decorative touches, such as candles, flowers, and ribbons. You will be able to design your wedding gazebo in any fashion that you like. It can be simple and elegant, or filled with all the frills and decorations that you had envisioned. A canvas gazebo, or a canopy gazebo, is an excellent choice if you are not wanting to invest a lot of money into the gazebo itself. You may also want to consider  a type of gazebo tent.

Wedding Gazebo

Wedding Gazebo

You can also choose to have your reception in another area close to the wedding gazebo. Don’t forget all of the extra touches that can be added there also, such as a wedding cake topper that has been chosen specifically to enhance your personality and style. Your reception area can be set up to flow from the wedding gazebo to different areas such as the food area, drink area, and even to a removable dance floor.

If you are purchasing a wedding gazebo, or just renting a wedding party tent canopy, you will certainly appreciate the added touch that a beautiful white gazebo can do to make the wedding ceremony a one of a kind wedding.

Wedding Gazebo

Wedding Gazebo with Flower Accents

Decorating Tips

If you can’t locate a white gazebo, you have many options available to transform a plain gazebo into a work of art. This can be done by adding white netting, wide white ribbons, white flowers and combinations of the three. If your gazebo has railings, you can add netting all along the railing and place bouquets of flowers or bows at designated intervals. You can also add some white decorations such as, wedding bells and any other decorative items that you come across.

If your gazebo doesn’t have railings, you can attach the white netting to the underside of each pole or post and have it come all the way down to the bottom. Half way down you can pull the netting up a little and tie it, and then place decorative ribbon or a bouquet of flowers along each post.

wedding gazebo

White Wedding Gazebo

Another idea is to hang decorations from the interior roof of the gazebo so that it hangs down over the bride and groom, or behind the person you have chosen to officiate the ceremony.

Purchasing a Wedding Gazebo

A wedding gazebo can be any shape you would like, but the hexagonal, octagonal and oblong ones are the most popular and look the best when decorated. They make lovely pictures for remembering your wedding day.

A wedding gazebo can have sides put up if needed, or they can be taken off completely from the frame. Some models have railings and other added features. The gazebo is usually white, creme, or ivory colored.

Sometimes it is hard for a couple to get a particular location on the date that they need, so investing in a wedding gazebo can be a lot cheaper. It will also be something that you will have after the ceremony to adorn the landscape of the lucky owner, probably a parent who is footing the bill. You will have a nice place to have for parties and outdoor entertaining for many years to come. It is a good investment and you will love your wedding gazebo, as well as what it turns into after the ceremony is over. Here are some portable and permanent types of gazebos that can be decorated nicely for your wedding.

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