Weed Eater Hook- Choosing a Heavy Duty Wall Hook

A weed eater hook is the perfect way to store your weed eater and organize your garden tools. Many homeowners will agree that they need storage space and a way to organize their garden tools. Garden tool organizers have become very popular for todays busy homeowners. It seems that there are so many essential garden tools and pieces of equipment that we seem to not be able to do without. Once we get started accumulating our garden tools, we tend to run out of room to properly store them.

"Weed Eater Hook"

Heavy Duty Weed Eater Hook

It is important that you choose a heavy duty hook from the many products that are available for both weed eaters, leaf blowers, chain saws, hedge clippers and trimmers, as well as other equipment such as bikes and ironing boards.

Storing Your Weed Eater

Having a weed eater hook, is the best option for storing your weed eater, or weed wacker, as some people refer to them. You will find that there are many different garden tool organizers that you can choose from to hang up your garden tools. A heavy duty weed eater hook may be the perfect garden tool organizer for hanging up weed eaters. They are rather heavy and will need to be supported in a way that they will hang secure and not in danger of falling on anyone. There are storage hooks available from many companies, but the wall dock and vertical storage hook is great for hanging weed eaters.

Weed eaters can be hung either vertically or horizontally. Hanging them vertically is perfectly fine. This way seems to save a lot of space that you very often don't have available in garages. You will need to make sure you hang it where the handle is downwards and the fuel container is upward so that nothing spills out. If you hang it horizontally, it will keep liquids, such as oil and gas from not leaking out all over your garage. If you have limited space, this might not be a good option for you. There are many heavy duty utility hooks available and they are all worth checking out.

"Garden Tool Hook"

Garden Tool Hook

Where to Place Your Weed Eater Hook

Weed eater hooks can be placed on studs in your garage. Studs will be much sturdier than any of your other options. Having the right weed eater hook is something that many homeowners may be asking themselves. Measure up about 5 ft. from the floor to make sure it will be off the floor when it is hanging on the hook. Drill a hole parallel to the other one and insert your screws into position. Place your weed eater horizontally or vertically onto the hook, or hooks (for horizontal hanging). Make sure the fuel end is up and not leaking onto the floor.

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