What Is A Bench Picnic Table?

A picnic bench table or a bench picnic table are one in the same and refer to a picnic table. They may also be called a garden picnic bench or simply an outside bench. All of these descriptions actually refer to a picnic table. They all have table tops and different kinds of benches, either attached to the frame or separate benches.

A picnic bench table is a great piece of equipment to add to your yard, patio, or deck. Eating outside has become a very popular activity. Children love to eat outdoors and seem to enjoy picnic tables in parks. If you have young children you can also purchase  special sized picnic tables for children.

Garden picnic benches are very effective in the landscape when they are placed close to a water features, such as fountains and cascades. I would like to share some information that might be helpful to you. You will also find heavy duty bench picnic tables available as well as picnic table accessories such as picnic covers, tablecloth clips, and carriers for folding and portable picnic tables.

"Heavy Duty Picnic Bench Table"

Heavy Duty Picnic Bench

What Types of Materials are Picnic Bench Tables made of?

A bench picnic table comes made of various materials. The standard size is around 6 feet long. There are many brands to choose from. Each brand carries benches made of a specific type of material. The most popular materials are: redwood, plastic, vinyl, polyethylene, aluminum,  and pressure treated wood. The bench you choose will ultimately depend on your preferences.Some people prefer wood and tend to choose redwood. Garden benches of all types can be made of various materials.

Redwood is one of the best woods for outdoor structures since it hold up very well. Cedar is also an excellent wood choice. The other wood option would be the pressure treated woods. Southern white pine is one such variety that is quite commonly found available as pressure treated. The treatment gives it the ability to resist insects and weather conditions.

"Octagon Wooden Picnic Table"

Octagon Wooden Picnic Bench Table

The other types of materials are plastic, vinyl, polyethylene, poly-wood, thermo-coated metal, and galvanized steel. They are very durable. Unlike wood, they will never splinter or rot. Some brands such as the vinyl ones offer a 20 year guarantee.

An aluminum bench picnic table sometimes comes with a life time guarantee. As with any product you buy, the better the guarantee the greater the price of your initial investment.

The picnic bench table comes with various features. Some of the best ones that I have found are those that are wheelchair accessible and those that come with an expandable slide lock that allows the height to be adjusted. they come in various colors and sizes. Some can be easily ordered and shipped directly to you.

"Polywood Picnic Table"

Polywood Picnic Table with Detached Benches

If you are considering buying a bench picnic table, it will will surely give you a great place to sit and enjoy the great outdoors. The price of a garden picnic bench will be determined by the material it is made of and if you have to order and pay for shipping.

Most of them are fairly heavy and will need to be assembled. It is wise to plan ahead and choose a suitable location once your picnic bench is assembled.

A picnic bench table comes in various finishes and even can be purchased in many different colors that will accent or blend into any landscape. You can also find  a bench that becomes a picnic bench table. It is very convenient to have around.

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