What is a Screen Canopy?

A screen canopy is an essential piece of equipment if you go camping and an added convenience if you enjoy outdoor entertaining.  A screen canopy may be classified as camping gear as it is often carried along to keep out unwanted insects and pests. This type of covering serves the same purpose as a piece of canvas does on a canvas gazebo or canopy gazebo. Regardless of the weight of the canopy, it will provide shade and protection from rain and sun.

Screen Canopy Advantages

Another advantage would be that a screen canopy will protect your food from any kind of contamination, whether it is from insects or something that is blown in by the wind. It is always a good practice to not leave food out in the open when you are not eating. The smell of food goes a long way in the wilderness and could lure in many unwanted animals. Never leave food out at night. Store in secure containers that cannot be opened.

A screen canopy will allow breezes to come inside while filtering out anything coming into your canopy. You can place lawn chairs inside and enjoy your food without any problems.

Your screen canopy is great for keeping out rain. It is very relaxing to sit outside in a nice little rain shower without getting wet. Some people find listening to the rain to be very relaxing, especially if you have a nice book to read.

"Screen Canopy"

Screen Canopy w/ zippers

Not only does a canvas canopy protect you from the rain, it protects you from the sun and harmful UV rays that can actually damage your skin. I recommend any camper or hiker to have a folding screen canopy with them. You can purchase a size that is compact and easy to put in your back pack or storage area.

You may not be a camper, but just like to enjoy the outdoors. In this case, you could use a screen canopy at the park,on vacation, or even in your own back yard. There are so many people who really enjoy entertaining outdoors. The canopy is very easy to set up and can be set up just about anywhere thanks to its free-standing construction. Be careful on windy days as they are prone to being easily blown around if they are not staked down or have a sand bag attached to the poles.

There are many different kinds of screen canopies on the market. Any one of them will provide you with protection from the elements. Just shop around to find the brand that you feel will be priced right and one that you can be picked up when purchased.

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