When Should You Power Rake Your Lawn?

Knowing when to power rake and how often, is a question quite often asked. Power raking is a process that removes dead grass and other matter to be pulled up of the surface. Power raking can be done at any time of the year that the weather is not too harsh to work in. The middle of the growing season is a good time to do your power raking.

"power rake"

Underside blades of a power rake

How often to power rake is up to the homeowner. Unless a lawn is growing green and long with plenty of fertilizer and water during the entire growing season, it should not be power raked more than once every three years.

Indications for the need to Power Rake

1. When a lawn is yellow instead of green-At times the general underlying layer of grass is so thick that the dead yellow color shows more than the green, growing grass does. Removal of ⅔ of the thatch  allows less of the dead yellow to show, along with leaving new space for green grass to more easily fill in.

2. When lawn thatch is too deep-When thatch is one half to an inch or more deep a lawn cannot reach peak growth, thickness, and appearance. A power rake will remove the unneeded two-thirds of the present thatch and allow peak growth to be reached.

3. When a lawn surface is uneven-When a lawn is fairly thick with thatch and has an uneven surface, giving a person the feeling of walking on marbles, a power raking is indicated. The rapid swirling motion of the blades hitting between 18 to 30 times per second can level these lumps to quite an extent.

DO NOT power rake if you have thin grass growing in shade, patchy lawns growing in clumps, and grass with less than ⅓ inch of thatch. If you have a lawn having any of these characteristics do not rake because your lawn will only be torn up and damaged by the power rake and no benefit will be derived.

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