Why Choose an Instant Gazebo Canopy?

An instant gazebo canopy may be the type of gazebo you need to purchase for your yard and garden area. Why? Because of its versatility and the ability you have to move a gazebo canopy any where in your landscape that you would like to place it. Being portable also means that you are able to take a gazebo of this type with you on a camping trip or any type of outdoor function that you and your family may have. You will find that there are many types of canopies and metal gazebos to choose from.

"Instant Gazebo Canopy"

Blue Gazebo Canopy

There are many types of instant gazebo canopies and canopy gazebo covers that can be purchased. Most of them are able to be quickly and instantly set up either by yourself or with an additional helper.

The canopy for a gazebo or gazebo tents, will come in a standard size of 10 x 10 feet with a center height of about 8 feet. You may find some brands that are 8 x 8 Ft. They will also come with steel stakes to help you stake down the corners to help stabilize the canopy when the wind picks up.

A gazebo canopy will come with a frame, usually made of lightweight aluminum. It will have either poles that are quickly assembled together, or they will be a framework that will expand on all sides, and serve as the framework of the entire gazebo when it is pulled and extended completely out on all sides. This is sometimes referred to as a pop up gazebo, canopy gazebo, canvas gazebo, or a shade gazebo.

"Instant Gazebo Canopy in Green"

Instant Gazebo Canopy In Green

Most of them have adjustable legs that can be set to the exact height that you want. Some of them however, will only go up to a certain point and will click into place at one set point. This type usually has a canopy with it that fits perfectly to that size frame. An instant gazebo canopy may be purchased separately if you are replacing an existing canopy top for a gazebo you already have. Some brands of gazebos will allow you to put up side walls or mosquito netting for added versatility. You will want to make sure that your canopy is waterproof, or at least water resistant. A waterproof gazebo is definitely what you want to get.

Most gazebos come with types of canopy tops that are made of one unit. You can purchase a gazebo kit that includes the four legs, and the cross bars that will hold up the canopy when assembled. The canopy is included, and you will find that some brands will also have a material piece that covers up the four legs of the framework.

The colors available are usually in white, green, navy, or maroon. You will also find that many companies will specialize in custom colors and designs. If that is what you are looking for, you are sure to find the exact canopy gazebo top that you are looking for.

Having any type of shade canopy, or shade gazebo will give you the option of providing a nice shaded area for entertaining or for parties and functions that you may have.

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