Why Choose Solar Powered Garden Lights?

If you are trying to decide whether to purchase solar powered garden lights, I hope this information will help you decide. Solar lights are the best type of lights to install in your yard or garden because they first of all, can be placed or arranged in any part of your landscape area that you choose to put them. You may have an area that needs garden lighting or patio lighting. Or, you might have a garden feature that you would like to accent that doesn't have an electric power source. Having the choice of placing solar powered garden lights, that will not require electricity or any type of wiring, is definitely a plus for the homeowner.

Solar Powered Garden Lights

What are solar lights?

Solar lights run on power that is produced from the sun and stored in a solar panel. This solar panel changes the sunlight into a power source that will turn a solar light on at dusk when it starts getting dark. Solar powered lights add a touch of illumination into the garden that is soft and sometimes even colorful. There are colored solar lights that can give off a glow of a particular color. Some types can be purchased that chance colors intermittently.

What choice of lights do I have?

Solar garden lights come in various forms and styles, and are made of many different materials. The most popular styles can be found at most garden stores, hardware stores or internet stores that sell solar powered garden lights. One type that is very commonly found is the set of lights that are stakes. This type may have up to 8 individual lights that are just staked directly into the ground. Each light has a solar cell that collects the light.

TIP: If you are installing stake lights, try to space them where they look normal and not place them as if they were a runway. So many people just place them in a single row and lose the nice effect that these lights can give. Use them under shrubs or places to enhance structures or specimen plants. You will get more complements by using them this way rather than a straight line.

Another favorite, is the smaller solar rocks. These are made to like rocks but are actually a lighter weight man-made material that has a solar light placed inside. These are good to place around ponds, or to highlight shrubs and bushes.

You also have the option of outdoor flood lights. If you have an area that needs illuminating, or needs a little light for security reasons, then this would be the type you may want. While many people choose to install regular lights for flood lights, I think that solar lights are better because they cost less to operate and can be placed anywhere you want them, unlike electric lights.

I found one company that has 5 ft. tall carriage lights. A solar garden light of this type, looks just like light posts that found in front yards all across America. They run on electricity and come as a set, and look very nice. They are also relatively inexpensive and are very attractive.

If you like whimsical designs, you will also find many whimsical figures, insects, and various designs that run on solar power. There are also many decorative and more expensive types of solar lights that are made with top quality glass and materials that are absolutely gorgeous. They are worth checking out if you have the money for them.

Solar lights for garden designs and landscaping, is a very effective type of illumination that produces a very nice light that is just perfect for patios, decks and landscaped areas.

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