Wood Choices For A Backless Wooden Bench

Many beautiful woods  are available for Wooden Benches!

The backless wooden bench is a type of outdoor garden bench with, of course, no back, but is very sturdy and functional. These do well along garden paths or walkways where you might want to rest, or put in a quiet place to meditate and take in natures beauty.

This article will help introduce you to some of your choices in wood, whether you are choosing a backless wooden bench or one with a more classic design. These woods are also used for canvas and canopy gazebos as well. There are many available types of  woods: cedar, redwood, teak, oak, bamboo, pine, and shorea.

Each type has it's own characteristics, so it's important to keep in mind where you are placing your bench. Keep in mind your own personal requirements that you are looking for.

Woods come in many different states: natural, treated or non-treated, stained, unfinished, or painted. The cedars,white and red, make excellent wooden benches since they are resistant to rot and cracking. In addition to the backless wooden bench and other outdoor garden benches made of cedar, other products are available, such as: a potting bench, cedar storage bench, are styles,arched back, round back, and straight back benches.

White cedar, especially, absorbs moisture and does not have the problems of swelling and drying as others kinds might. It is usually not pressure treated, and is shipped natural and unfinished.  Assembled  benches range  range around 36" wide and 20"deep by 17" high. Cedar  is a great wood for do-it-yourself projects but be sure to  find a good bench plan before you make any purchases.

Redwood is a practical choice that does great outdoor and with children. It is sturdy and holds up great in yards in most climates. It can have a sealed or unsealed surface. The sealed surface helps the redwood withstand weather and decay, and to keep its natural beauty for many years. I found this to be true, as my young 4 year old son, actually took apart my entire redwood furniture grouping to "Make a helicopter". Needless to say, many of the parts were never found, but the wood remained for a long time. Some online sites offer many wood grades to select from, with samples being mailed out on request. The warranty on the wood, of course, corresponds with the age of the redwood selected. Be on the lookout for companies offering "free shipping"- a good deal.

Teak is a very hard and is known for its resistance to all kinds of weather and decay and easily repels insects.Teak wood holds its form over many years, even if left outside, and because of this it has often been used for the decking of ships - with its special aroma, cruise ships in particular. Teak is usually unfinished and turns to a silver gray color when aged.

Shorea hardwood is a teak-like wood that requires no finishing and, like the others, does great outdoors. If you choose not to finish the wood, it will age, like teak, to a silver gray color and can be preserved with teak oil. The shorea garden benches weigh an average of 60 pounds and come with a one year warranty.

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