Wood Dining Bench-Types of Wood Benches

A wood dining bench makes a sturdy and attractive bench for any home. A dining bench is a great way to add extra room at a dining room table. Dining benches come in a vast array of styles and materials. The wood dining bench will be the focus of this article. I will mention some of the different types of wood that you may find dining benches made in.

Wood is the primary material used in dining benches. Most of benches are purchased along with a dining room table. As quite often is the case, a dining bench may be an after thought some time after your original purchase.

Individual or sets of benches can be purchased to match the existing type of wood that you have. If you think it would be hard to match the wood, you could choose a wood that is close to the color and get an upholstered top on the bench. This will keep less of the wood from showing and should blend in much better.

You will find many types of bench wood and one that will go with your dining area and existing woods in your home. It is wise to choose the same type of wood so that you get a good flow of the same design pattern. For instance, if you have oak facings all around your home, you would not like the look of a cherry or walnut table. Instead, you would choose a nice oak that accents the oak facings.

The most popular woods are oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, walnut, and teak. You will also find others more exotic types as eucalyptus, and others of a more rustic appearance, such as: cedar, acacia, and pine.

There are also many other wood benches that you may find information on, as well: a natural wood dining bench, black wood dining bench, cherry wood dining bench, napa wood dining bench, dark wood, and unfinished wood benches.

"Natural Wood Dining Bench"

Natural Wood Dining Bench

Natural Wood Dining Bench

A natural wood bench would be one that is not stained but comes exactly as it is, natural. Some of the styles popular as natural will totally natural, and those with a portion of the bench in natural and another part of it painted white or black.

Black Wood Dining Bench

The black wood dining bench is also very popular. This is featured painted in all black or partially black. It usually has several nice coats of paint and is topped off with a glossy finish.

"Black Wood Dining Bench"

Black Wood Dining Bench

Cherry Wood Dining Bench

Cherry wood is something that you either love or you don’t. I personally think it is a beautiful wood. It needs to go with other cherry wood furniture to look good. Dining benches in cherry are offered at many online stores as well as in quality furniture stores. They will also come in many size options, so be sure to measure the space where you are wanting a bench placed.

"Cherry Wood Dining Bench"

Cherry Wood Dining Bench

Napa Wood Dining Bench

The Napa honey finish can be found on many benches, especially those made of Acacia wood. Many of these have hand carved trim and adds a warmth to any dining room. These are more informal and in the rustic category of benches.

Dark Wood Dining Bench

When I think of dark wood, I also conjure up images of mahogany and black walnut. Both of these naturally dark woods make beautifully finished pieces of furniture. To someone else, they may have in mind a dark oak or cherry. Others may think of a dark finish that is applied to a dining bench, such as a finish/color of Dark Merlot.

"Unfinished Wood Dining Bench"

Unfinished Wood Dining Bench

Unfinished Wood Dining Bench

If you are looking to save money, then you may want to choose this option instead of buying a ready made piece of furniture. A benches wood can be very pricey according to the type of wood, and style that you choose. An unfinished bench will allow you to do the work and gives you the freedom of choosing the type of wood and finish that you want.

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