Wooden Garden Bench- Which Bench to Choose?

A wooden garden bench can be the perfect accent to any yard or garden. Wooden garden benches come in many different styles, colors, and finishes. You are sure to find one that is comfortable, and stylish for your outdoor decor. Here are some facts and information that will help you decide which type of garden bench you prefer.

"Wooden Garden Bench"

Decorative wooden garden bench

Types of wood for garden benches

The most popular types of wood for outdoor use is white cedar, red cedar, and teak. There are other types of wood, but these are the most common ones that you will find on the market to purchase.

Both types of cedar are commonly used for many outdoor wooden structures. You will find cedar benches, dining tables, potting benches, patio furniture, decking, picnic bench tables, pergolas and gazebos all made of cedar. Cedar is a durable wood that naturally withstands the elements and pest problems. Cedar comes in natural finishes, as well as stained and painted surfaces.

Teak is a fabulous type of wood that is also made to withstand the outdoors. Teak is a beautiful wood that is also used for chaise lounge chairs and patio furniture. Teak tends to be a little more expensive, but it is well worth the extra money that you pay for it, especially since it will get many years of enjoyment. Teak is usually either stained or left in its natural state. Teak will turn a grayish color when it ages and will blend in with a landscape beautifully.

"Backless Wooden Garden Bench"

Backless styled bench

Wooden Garden Bench Styles

You will find that your options of styles will vary greatly. The typical garden bench will have a back and side arms which may be made of solid wood or have arms that are a cast iron metal. Some people may prefer the backless garden bench design which looks great placed back in a natural setting of shrubs or flowers. Planter benches are available for planting your favorite flowering plants. These type will have a planter on each end and the bench seat will be between the two planters.

"Wood and Metal Garden Bench"

Park style wooden garden bench

If you are wanting something a little more fancy, you may want to look at the decorative garden benches. Many of them have intricate designs on the back of the benches made of varying wood patterns. These will vary greatly in price according to the complexity of the design.

Tree benches are also another option for the homeowner to choose. Most of these come in natural or white finishes and are placed around the trunk of a small tree. You have natural shading provided by the tree, and it looks great too. This is especially desirable in small yards or smaller spaces.

Other types of Garden Benches

Commercial benches and inground benches can also be found to use in areas for pubic use. These are commonly found in parks and recreation areas. Other types of garden bench materials are also available if you find that wood is not what you need. You will love the look of the finished benches that go around a fire pit, or the unusual shaped garden benches with curves and unique designs.

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