Yard and Garden Benches

A yard bench or garden bench is the perfect addition to your yard or garden. If you find yourself needing more seating space or just a cozy place to sit and relax, you might want to consider adding a garden bench seat to your yard. Home entertaining has become very popular and when spring approaches, we start thinking of getting out of our warm, cozy home to enjoy the great outdoors. Find valuable information on choosing the right style of yard or garden bench for your landscape.

Benches come in many different styles and price ranges. Two of the more popular styled benches are the backless wooden style and the park style. The price range will depend on the style, the types of wood, or the kind of  material you choose. A garden bench, such as either of these, can be found at larger stores that sell garden furniture. There are many online sites that offer benches for sale as well. Be sure to read the descriptions to make sure you are making the wisest choice for your specific need.

Some of the most common woods for park benches, or any bench that will be placed outdoors, are cedar, red wood, teak, and shorea. The cedar and red wood are the most commonly used woods for outdoor use. Both of these woods have proven time and time again to be able to withstand and endure harsh weather conditions. Teak is usually very good, but is a little more expensive than any of the other types of wood. You will find that is very easy to find cedar and red wood for your benches or any type of outdoor furniture that you plan on. either buying or purchasing from a retailer. Shorea is a wood much like teak and is not very easy to find. I would suggest either the cedar or the red wood.

"Garden Bench"

Wooden Garden Bench with Table

If you are handy with applying stains, you might choose benches unfinished and ready to stain. For the more ambitious, there is also the option of  finding  a good bench plan and building your own. Regardless of the one you choose, you will want to choose one that will serve as a functional piece in your yard, or as a focal point.

Benches are so nice to have in your yard. They are perfect when placed along a path or in amongst some nice shade trees. I have one that I have placed under some birch trees. I simply love being able to take a walk through the yard and sit and enjoy looking around and relaxing. There are so many options out there available to you, that I am sure you will find something you like.

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