Yard and Garden Decor- Accents and Themes

Yard and garden decor can change any yard into an enchanting and delightful landscape to enjoy. Adding yard art or garden accents can change the overall appearance of your home. It should be done in moderation and not taken overboard. I have seen some fabulous yards that only needed a little touch of decor to make a dramatic change. I have also seen some homeowners take decorating to an extreme level. I have seen a front yard with so many statues around a fountain that it looked like a small cemetery in their front yard. Because of this, caution is necessary as too much of anything can turn your home into something that is not pleasing to look upon.

"Yard and Garden Decor"

Moonray globe changes colors

What is considered yard or garden decor?

Yard decor can be anything that you add to your landscape as a decoration or to accentuate a theme. It can be any type of item that you put there. The effect that it has will be determined by whether it looks good or not. Such things as gazing balls, yard lights, statuary, ponds, pergolas, arbors, wind chimes, fountains, stepping stones, gnomes, sundials, lanterns, masks, plaques, animals, bird baths, insects, and other themed items such as, Japanese lanterns. Try out some of the pretty solar lights.

Your yard or garden is what an onlooker sees when he or she looks at your property. In most cases, it will add to the overall curb appeal of your home, or detract from, whichever the case may be.

"Solar powered Yard and Garden Decor"

Solar powered light stakes add charm

Use Yard and Garden Decor to Carry out Themes

Yard decor can be used to extend a theme throughout your garden. Whether it is a Japanese theme, a cottage garden, a Victorian garden, a western theme, or a quaint English garden. You can use color to serve as accents or focal points, or you can use particular types of statues or pieces that exert a particular theme when someone sees it.

For instance, I have a pond with a Japanese bridge that goes over it. I also have a concrete lantern that reaches out over the waters edge. In another part of the garden there are some of my favorite, suns. I have these along one of my fences. Other items that I like personally are an angel statue in my flower border. Cute items may be found along the pathway to my gazebo or next to my park bench or waterfalls. Your options are endless

I know homeowners that like to change their themes throughout the year. I have a neighbor that has a black wrought iron bicycle planter in their front yard. She changes the items in and around the basket for each holiday that occurs. At Christmas she had some nicely wrapped Christmas gifts in the basket, and so on throughout the year. It really does look nice. So, be creative and decorate your garden anyway you want. Let your personally shine through!

Here is a sample of yard decor you can choose from.

*More items can also be found simply by typing in what you are looking for.

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